Meet Charlotte Flair Who Won NXT Women’s Championship On Her 34th Birthday!

Hanima Anand |Apr 06, 2020

It’s incredible that this woman made it again, on a very special occasion. Charlotte Flair just turned 34 on April 5 – the day she beats Rhea Ripley to become next NXT Women Champion at WrestleMania 36!

At late night on April 5 (US time), Charlotte Flair was announced the new NXT Women’s Champion at WrestlerMania 36 which takes place in Florida, America. Not many people know this day was also the 34th birthday of Charlotte Flair WWE.

Charlotte Flair Wwe Champion
The moment Charlotte Flair declared the champion!

There are even more interesting facts about this woman. Let’s find out with today!

It’s not the first time Charlotte Flair made this history. She has won 11 women’s championships but this year is special, a match of victory right on her birth date.

Charlotte Flair On Runway
She is a 11th-time champion with impressive entrances in WWE history!

Charlotte Flair is among the most influential female wrestler on Earth as she has won more titles in the professional wrestling entertainment industry than any woman. She was known as “The Queen” for her power.

Charlotte Flair Sexy Pic
The Queen is not just powerful, she is sexy as well.

As Charlotte Flair is the daughter of renowned wrestler Ric Flair, some people joke she joined all those championships just for fun.

Charlotte Flair Match
Being daughter of Nature Bay, championship is not a difficult task for her.

Surprisingly, Ric Flair was not the one who got his “daughter of Nature Bay” into the business. It was Johny Ace who did it. In a meeting, he asked why she wasn’t following father’s steps while she gave no answer. At that time, she was more interested in volleyball and some other sports.

But Johny’s question did exert impacts on Charlotte, leading to her NXT debut several years later.

Charlotte Flair Photoshoot
Wrestling, however, is not her first love.

Till date, Charlotte Flair still asserted volleyball is her first, and true love. She also shared about intense training that Ric gave her so that she could stand out from other friends.

Being the daughter of a legendary wrestler is clearly stressful. Unlike children of actors or artists who flaunt their luxury lifestyles in limousines, Charlotte has to deal with Ric’s insistence and pressure throughout her teenage. She must always stretch out and try the best.

Charlotte Flair Hot Pic
Charlotte is the sexiest WWE champion ever.

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Her father’s strict attitude turned him into a bad guy in Charlotte’s eyes. Her favorite wrestler is not him, accordingly.

Charlotte Flair said she was a fan of Sting and Macho Man Randy Savage.

Charlotte Flair And Andrade
Not sure about their purpose when these two power sources engaged.

The final fact is about her recent engagement to WWE US Champion Andrade. If they make it to the altar, this will be Charlotte’s third marriage.

Her previous husbands were Riki Johnson (2010-2013) and Thomas Latimer (2013-2015).

That’s some shocking information about Charlotte Flair WWE you should be aware of.

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