Best Websites To Have Bhojpuri Movie Download In High Quality

Leela Adwani |Jun 20, 2020

Along with other film industries in India, Bhojpuri movies are gaining more and more popularity. Take a look at best Bhojpuri movie download sites below where you can enjoy quality products from Bhojiwood!

Indian cinema doesn’t only have Bollywood but it includes other regional film industries that help contribute to the thriving community. Along with Tollywood, Kollywood, Bhojpuri cinema, or simply called Bhojiwood is also one of the indispensable parts of the Indian cine industry. Releasing the first film in the year 1963, the industry has been delivering a host of top-notch movies and Bhojpuri movie download is a huge source of entertainment for many.

We have compiled the list of best Bhojpuri movie download sites that you can download your favorite Bhojpuri movies in high quality.

Bhojpuri Movie Download 1
Bhojpuri cinema is rising to a popular entertainment industry in India.

However, bear in mind that downloading Bhojpuri movies from illegal websites without the permission of the makers can land you in some trouble. Think wisely before clicking the download button in any film. We still recommend you watch and download the film on legal platforms. If you don’t mind, share this article with your friends.

As leaking movies or any copyrighted content is illegal in India, the authorities have been giving extra mile to curb the development of piracy websites. A lot of Bhojpuri movie download websites have died. There are many leading and best-known websites about Bhojpuri movie download in India but they won’t be listed in our compilation as such sites are blocked and unable to access. We only bring you the best and useful websites for our readers.

1. Bhojpurihub


Bhojpuri Movie Download 2
Website display of Bhojpurihub, where you can download Bhojpuri movies for free!

The first and foremost must be Bhojpurihub. This is a Bhojpuri movie download free site that has not been blocked yet. It’s not far off the mark to say it would be a treat for the fans after spending hours on finding a reliable address to download Bhojpuri movies. The website contains a huge number of movies, songs, and trailers from the most classic and latest ones.

The basic information about the title (of course), cast, language, duration, size, release date, genre, director, and many more are included in every film. That gives the audience a glimpse of the film they are about to watch.

Other than such details, the story description and three-step guideline on how to download the film are also included at the end of the page.

2. Bhojpuriplanet


The web design of Bhojpuriplanet is rather dull, despite the massive number of movies it has.

Bhojpuri Planet is known to be one of the biggest Bhojpuri-related entertainment sources. It mainly provides movie video songs and has a limited collection of Bhojpuri full movies.

In order to make sure that your favorite films are available on this website, you should search for it on the Searching bar which is designed on the top of the homepage. The design of this Bhojpuri movie download free website is not that user-friendly, so you had better search for what you need instead of looking for it on the Homepage.

If you want to get the newly-released songs, movies, you can check them on the “Latest Updates” categories.

Right below the “Latest Updates” section is the “Select Bhojpuri Categories”, yes, it’s where Bhojiwood fans are looking for. They have many subcategories and one of them is Bhojpur Full Movie. Even though the number of films is quite humble, all of them are of high quality on this Bhojpuri movie download website.

3. Cool Moviez

Website: or

Type in its search box and you can find your favorite Bhojpuri movies for free download!

You might find unfamiliar with Cool Moviez but actually it’s the updated version of big-name Filmyzilla. When you access, you will convert to Filmyzilla is one of the leading names in the torrent website community, especially bhojpuri movie download in india.

They are truly a nightmare of many filmmakers as they always make the newly launched movies, series, tv shows available for free download right on the first day of its release date or sometimes even before the opening/ premiering day.

Filmyzilla has a massive collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood films, and of course, they also have Bhojpuri films. It’s not wrong to say the Bhojpuri movie download list cannot complete without mention Filmyzilla or now called Cool Moviez.

Short by Alphabet, you can find the films you want to watch according to the first letter. In case you don’t remember the title of the film, just search by keywords on the searching bar. However, Cool Moviez mainly has Bollywood and Hollywood films, the number of Bhojpuri movie download free on this website is also quite limited.



Not just Bhojpuri movie download free, you can find a lot of Bhojpuri songs here!

If you want to download high-quality music videos from your favorite Bhojpuri movies, Fresh Music should be your top priority. Even though it mainly focuses on music, Fresh Music still has a category for Bhojpuri full movie download.

You might think that this site will have old films only. In fact, despite a small number of Bhojpuri films, they still try to keep updated with newest films. You can get movies released in 2019 and 2020 on freshmusic.

Unlike the above-mentioned websites, they just offer the link to download along with the size of the file only. Background information isn’t included.

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5. Youtube

Website: and

Find your favorite Bhojpuri movies to download on Youtube then use Bitdownloader to finish your work.

Everyone should know how to use Youtube - the most popular video sharing platform to watch Bhojpuri movies online for free, but not many know that you can actually download Bhojpuri movies free from this website by using another downloader.

To turn Youtube to your useful Bhojpuri movie downloader, you need to find your wanted video first. Type in the search box of Youtube for your favorite Bhojiwood movie then pick a video with high quality.

Next, you copy the Youtube video URL and open Bitdownloader. Paste the Youtube URL there and the software will do the rest for you. This app helps to get free Bhojpuri movie download from Youtube itself, while the steps are very easy to follow.

Hope you will find some quality time with our list of Bhojpuri movie download websites above. Do come back for more information related to entertainment updates as well as trending worldwide news!

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