Business Tycoons' Donations List: When Mukesh Ambani Is Not The Number 1

Leela Adwani |Mar 27, 2020

Along with the extra efforts of the authorities to stabilize life, the generous donations from business tycoons are also making notable contributions. Below is the list of donators, check out!

As the Coronavirus pandemic's situation is getting more intense, many cities and countries have put under lockdown to curb the spread of this novel virus. Many colleges, schools and commercial units are coming to a halt and that, obviously, affects the global economy. Preventing the virus is by far the top priority of any country across the world and it’s the mission of not only the governments but also the citizens. In order to help the country, many benefactors respectively donate a huge amount of money to the COVID-19 relief fund. These business tycoons' donations will greatly help the country in the battle against the pandemic.

Business Tycoons
Business tycoons' donations list

In a short span of only 4 to 6 weeks, the whole world seemed to shift their focus on politics, economy, welfare, entertainment, and sports to fighting a very intense war against COVID-19 that instantly sent everyone into a state of panic and emergency.

Along with the extra efforts of the authorities to stabilize the life, the generous donations from business tycoons are also making notable contributions. Below is the list of donators, check out!

Mukesh Ambani from Reliance Group

It would not come as a surprise when the name of mogul Ambani tops the list of business tycoons' donations. He is considered the richest man of India and even the entire Aisa and when it comes to making stunningly generous donations, Mukesh Ambani is on the frontline as always.

Business Tycoons Donations List
Mukesh Ambani

In the wake of Janta Curfew and the 21-day nationwide lockdown imposition, the tycoon has donated Rs 5 crore to the Relief Fund of Maharashtra Chief Minister. Not just this, Reliance Industries Limited also stated that they are enhancing the production capacity in order to manufacture 100,000 face masks every day along with protective gear including garments and suits for the national health personnel who are day by day fighting with Coronavirus.

Anand Mahindra from Mahindra Group

Due to the growth in the number of confirmed cases in India, the nation soon needs more isolation centers and healthcare services. Mahindra Group’s chairman Anand Mahindra wanted to lighten the burden for the government. His offer is to convert the Mahindra Holiday chain of resorts into temporary care facilities. He also promised to contribute his entire salary to the national fund and he will add to it over the next few months.

Business Tycoons Donations List 2
Anand Mahindra

Anil Agarwal from Vedanta Resources Limited

Vedanta Resources Limited’s executive chairman Anil Agarwal has pledged to donate a whopping Rs 100 crore to help the country fight the outbreak. The 66-year-old businessman even took to his Twitter handle to publicly announce his donations.

Anita Dongre from House of Dongre

Fashion designer and founder of House of Dongre, Anita Dongre who took charge of the outfit of Donal Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump in their India visit earlier last month is also one of those who donate generously. The designer took to her Instagram handle to promise that she will aid the self-employed artisans, small vendors, and partners who are associated with her fashion brand. Because of the lockdown, the MNCs will see a big drop in the stocks and a huge cut on the profit margins, many small business runners will suffer a tough time.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma from Paytm

The list of business tycoons' donations cannot be complete without mentioning Sharma. Recently he took to his social media to pledge that he will let go of all of his salaries in two months to help his employees not encounter any trouble in their remuneration.

Business Tycoons Donations List 3
Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Ratan Tata from the TATA Group

Tata also does the same as the Indian industrialist will ensure full payments for his daily wage earners and temporary workers who are working across his production sites and office in India for two months March and April.

Business Tycoons Donations List 4
Ratan Tata

What do you think about these business tycoons' donations? Let us know in the comment section below!

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