BUSTED: South Delhi "Bois Locker Room" Chat Caught Red Handed Misusing Minor Girls Images, Glorifying Rape Culture

Salena Harshini |May 04, 2020

As per reports, some of the members have been arrested for their exposed activity of cyberbullying and women objectification.

A group on Instagram called “Bois Locker Room” has lately been brought to light, putting questions to the security and safety of underage girls and women on this video and photo-sharing platform.

This Bois Locker Room group chat is reportedly created and run by South Delhi-hailed young boys who share photos of women, many of whom are minors, without a permit from the owners. These images are further exposed to body shaming, lewd comments, and slut-shaming.

A number of women on Instagram unveiled the group and have espoused the issue with the group’s members as well as lawyers and security agencies for the past 2 days.

One among the first Instagrammers to expose Bois Locker Room was Niska Nagpal who pointed out that it has been active for a period of time. Moreover, she said the group was loaded with pictures of underage women and they had not an idea that their visuals were being used.

Bois Locker Room

Boys Locker Room 1

Boys Locker Room
These are a number of exposed screenshot revealed by the exposer

When the ladies started to threaten the Boys Locker Room’s members with action, several reportedly menaced to “leak” their nude pictures. None of images in the gallery that the group owns were voluntarily given to them.

Additionally, Bois Locker Room had a subsequent support group including ladies too. A large number of the last made endeavors to shield the culprits. By the by, the posts regarding this group became famous online, and many joined the fury against these people, which pundits claimed was spreading and normalizing rape culture besides being absolutely unlawful because of its child-pornographic hints is additionally intrusive of privacy.

Reportedly, there are also several such groups and users on Snapchat with alt IDs.



After this choler, cyber cell investigator Shubham Singh, whose Instagram account if @Shubhamcybercop, began an investigation and succeeded in finding the admin and some members’ contact information in question.

According to the latest updates, a number of members of Boys Locker Room have got arrested under Section 66A of the IT Act for cyberbullying.

Bois Locker Room created by the South Delhi boys is the alarming issue of women degrading, sexual assault and cyberbullying

It is not the first time rape culture, such as gang rape, has been in wide discussion throughout India. As a matter of fact, several feminists and women on the Internet often make complaints about the inherent misogyny and toxic masculinity displayed on many forms throughout social media.

Critics also have complained against movies, pop culture, and songs that spread women objectification.


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