Best Holi Pics 2020 - From Burning Hot Photos To Super Serious Masked Faces

Pham Hai Ha |Mar 10, 2020

While some people decided to stay away from the traditional festival and avoid large crowds, some others still got into the act. Check out 10 best Holi pics of 2020 in the time of coronavirus!

Holi, the Hindu festival that marks the beginning of spring has just begun on Monday, 9 March. Apart from welcoming the spring season the colourful event also celebrates love and fertility. Due to the coronavirus outbreak which is sweeping over the whole world, some decided to stay away from the traditional festival to minimise large crowds as being advised. However, most Indians still got into the act, including our super hot Bollywood stars. Check out the best Holi pics 2020 in the time of coronavirus!

couple wear face mask holi pics 2020
A couple was spotted enjoying the festivities but didn't forget to get themselves a facemask. (Source: Getty Image)

Apart from vibrant costumes and colorful explosions, India also sees facemasks here and traditional festival. This is definitely the hottest item of Holi 2020 as everyone needs to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

best Holi pics 2020
A woman spotted wearing a facemask among revelers enjoying Holi festivities in Kathmandu. (Source: Getty Image)
Holi Celebrated In India 2020
Men in  Allahabad decided to wear a facemask to the party in Allahabad on March 6 (Source: PTI)

Not only adults but also children are aware of protecting themselves from infection. A child with cerebral palsy was spotted wearing a mask while having fun at 'Holi' party organized by Trishala Foundation, in Prayagraj.

best holi pics 2020
Enjoying the festive mood but didn't forget to protect herself. (Source: PTI)

Meanwhile, there are a lot of people who are seemed immune to the fear of the new virus. University students started throwing a colorful party as early as on Friday, filing their holidays with laughter. They even mix powders with water for a potent mix.

best holi pics in India 2020
Youngsters play Holi in Kolkata on Friday. (Source: PTI)

Obviously, even the fear of the deadly virus cannot stop Indians from celebrating one of the most photogenic religious festivals of the year.

Holi Celebrated In India 4
A student was thrown in the air by his peers in a College of Engineering in Ahmedabad. (Source: PTI)
Holi pics 2020 procession dance
A group of students in Kolkata take part in the procession dance (Source: Getty Image)

The tradition of smearing colorful powder dated back to the legend of Lord Krishna’s mother who used colored powder to change his dark skin so he could stop comparing his skin to Radha’s complexion.

Holi 2020 powder tray
A tray of colored powders in Holi festivals. (Source: Getty Image)

Today, people continue using colored powders, also known as gulal in Hindi, to celebrate the festival. It used to be made from herds and flowers but synthetic and eco-friendly powders have been widely used recently.

Holi Celebrated In India 9
Colored powders used to be made from herds and flowers but synthetic and eco-friendly powders have been widely used recently. (Source: Getty image)

And finally are the burning pictures of our stars when celebrating Holi 2020. Take a look at the best Holi pics 2020 from these sexy women!

Anushka Shetty Holi Pic 2020
Anushka Shetty looks super hot in holi dance 2020
Tanisha Singh Holi Pics 2020
Do you recognize Tanisha Singh in her Holi look yesterday?
Poonam Pandey Holi Pics 2020
Poonam Pandey also joined the festivities!
Sofia Hayat Holi Pics 2020
The burning hot Sofia Hayat in Holi 2020

To all our Hindu brothers and sisters around the world, wish you all the joy, happiness, and merriment. Happy Holi, everyone

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