2020 Ke Holi: Meaning, Facts & Ways To Prepare For Your Holi

Leela Adwani |Mar 09, 2020

The lowdown below will give an insight into this festival of colors, 2020 ke Holi.

The festive season is in the air and one of the most vibrant festivals of the year, Holi, which is a feast of sweets and a fiesta of colors, is now underway. It’s also a perfect occasion to reunite with our near and dear ones after a busy working year.

2020 Ke Holi 3
Holi is the second biggest festival after Diwali

2020 ke Holi is always packed with a bunch of festivities in which people from all ages flock to the streets to soak up the festive vibes. The lowdown below will give an insight into this festival of colors.

Holi meaning and interesting facts

Holi which is considered the second biggest festival after Diwali is a religious event celebrated by Hindus across the world. It’s also called the festival of colors which is known as a once-a-year festival renowned for ubiquitous and fun color powder. The meaning of Holi is not just to play and throw colors, but also to remember and create happy memories with our loved ones.

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Happy Holi 2020

The festival of colors and love, Holi, falls on the day after the full moon of March annually. On the eve of the event, a Holika bonfire is typically known to be a curtain-raiser and it’s lit to remind everyone of the win of good over evil. And history has it that at dusk, Lord Vishnu turned half-lion, half-man then killed Hiranyakashyap, saved Prahlada from pyre and simultaneously the evil aunt Holika of Prahlada was burned.

Here are some interesting facts about Holi we guess many of you don’t know!

  • The name of festival Holi originally stems from Holika who is the sister of demon king Hiranyakashipu in Hindu Mythology.
  • Holi is annually celebrated at the end of winter and it also marks the arrival of spring.
  • So the date doesn’t always fall in March, sometimes, it takes place at the end of February on the Gregorian calendar.
  • Holi is a national holiday in two countries, India and Nepal, and the regional holiday in other nations.
  • During the Holika Dahan ceremony, which is celebrated at night before Holi, people usually gather, do religious rituals around a bonfire, pray to eradicate the evil, ask for forgiveness from god. This is a common practice in only India which isn’t popular in Nepal.
  • The second day is called Rangwali Holi.
  • On the occasion of 2020 ke Holi, it’s a chance to remind everyone of the message of equality. People put colors on each other’s faces despite any differences in culture and religion.
  • Other than India and Nepal, Holi is widely celebrated by the minority Hindu groups in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Not just this, in other countries having large Indian communities like Suriname, Guyana, South Africa, The United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Malaysia and many more, the festival is also thrown.

Festivities in Holi 2020

2020 ke Holi is celebrated worldwide by the Hindus and people will dance to the tunes of hit Bollywood songs, throw Gulal and colors on each other. However, the way in which we celebrate the festival may be varied as some throw water colored balloons, some with pichkari. The style can be different but the general feelings are still the same for all.

2020 Ke Holi 2
A great occasion to meet our loved ones

5 ways to prepare for your Holi

To enjoy the best at the Holi festival, you don't need your most beautiful dress but old attires instead. Check what you should prepare below!

  • Opt for your worst clothes
  • Cover the eyes and hair
  • A pair of earplugs is a must
  • Cover the body in oil
  • Leave your expensive belongings at home

Best places to celebrate 2020 ke Holi

Not all places celebrate the same Holi atmosphere. Starbiz recommends you visit these areas if you want a Yolo Holi!

  • Goa
  • Mathura & Vrindavan
  • Barsana
  • Shantiniketan
  • Anandpur Sahib
  • Jaipur and Udaipur
  • Hampi
  • Mumbai

We hope you will have a warm and happy festival with your family and friends. Happy 2020 ke Holi!

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