This Is How Allu Arjun Throws Birthday Party During Lockdown, Hottest Allu Arjun Happy Birthday Mashup Video Release

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 08, 2020

Despite the lockdown, fans were unable to gather around this house and cheer for his 37th birthday and here is how the Stylish Star celebrates one of his most special birthdays ever!

When it comes to the hottest actor of the South cinema, Allu Arjun might be the first name that comes up in your mind. Apart from his stellar acting skills and great fashion sense, the actor also stole the audience’s heart for his viral dancing skills and soothing voice. Despite the lockdown, fans were unable to gather around this house and cheer for his 37th birthday. They came together on Twitter and other social media instead and made #HappyBirthdayAlluArjun trend on top. 

Allu Arjun Birthday
Fans made #HappyBirthdayAlluArjun top trend on Twitter as they were unable to throw a party with him due to the lockdown

Meanwhile, our birthday boy Allu Arjun has blown the birthday cake with his wife Sneha Reddy and their children inside their home due to the nationwide lockdown. A few hours ago, Sneha Reddy shared a photo of them on Instagram, tagging the Stylish Star on her pic with a Happy birthday graphic. The pair were seen hugging each other in front of a small birthday cake which appeared to be a homemade one. 

Allu Arjun Happy Birthday
Allu Arjun spends his 37th birthday with family during the lockdown

Earlier, Allu Arjun was also seen celebrating his son’s 6th birthday. Apart from winning people's hearts with viral dancing moves and acting skills, the superstar is also a great dad of two and photos of them spending quality time together have always taken the internet by storm. Check out a few of them:

Allu Arjun Happy Birthday 2
Allu Arjun celebrates the 6th birthday of his Son
Allu Arjun Happy Birthday 3
Despite of his tight schedule, the superstar still makes time for valuable family times
Allu Arjun Happy Birthday 4
His bond with his children is just adorable

Apart from trending on Twitter, his fans also made some special videos to celebrate this special day. Among dozens of Happy Birthday Allu Arjun videos this year, this mashup video which was uploaded by Youtube user ‘LINTO KURIAN’ must be the coolest one. In fact, the video went viral on cyberspace, hitting more than 40K views within 14 hours with thousands of likes, shares, and comments. The look-real trailer was indeed a compilation of Allu Arjun’s best dance scenes. 

Take a look at the special mashup video of Allu Arjun:


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