Predestined Love Does Exist? The Spooky Connection Between Anne Hathaway And William Shakespeare Will Leave You SHOOK

Salena Harshini |May 26, 2020

People are convinced that William Shakespeare is Anne Hathaway's husband. Here is why!

Actress Anne Hathaway may be a little off the grid for some while but the beauty is hardly ever been off the headlines be it her personal or private life. It is not that she is a show-off but because she is so adored that everyone wants to know what she is up to.

And one of the most talked-about topics about her is the relationship between Anne Hathaway and Shakespeare. Fans were sent into frenzy and chaos when someone pointed out a spooky connection between the actress, her husband, and the legendary English poet.

Anna Hathaway Shakespeare
Anne Hathaway and her husband have an eye-opening connection to poet William Shakespeare

A Twitterati called @PEACHYBLACKG0RL has shared her jaw-dropping discovery on the sphere, saying that Anne Hathaway’s husband, Adam Shulman, looks exactly like Shakespeare. And what is worth mentioning is, guess what the name of the poet’s wife. It’s Anne Hathaway!

Her tweet went viral in no time. Until now, it has collected nearly 455 thousand likes and 154 thousand retweets. The post goes,

"Anne Hathaway is being talked about for her beauty but what about the fact that her husband looks very similar to William Shakespeare and William Shakespeare's wife's name was literally ANNE HATHAWAY......"

This is all true, strangely enough. Even though there is no actual photo of William Shakespeare, the artwork that exists does show that the poet shared an uncanny resemblance to Adam Shulman.

William Shakespeare is well-known as a romantic poet who had a fulfilling love life with his wife. A story has been passed on since along time ago, William Shakespeare had bared this out to Anne Hathaway, his wife, upon learning that she was not going to make it in 1623.

“Life is too short to love you only in one, I promise to look for you in the next life".

Anne Hathaway And Shakespeare 1
Did the two travel through time or is it incarnation?

Exactly 385 years later – in 2008, the muse of Hollywood Anna Hathaway met the destiny of her life – Adam Shulman at Palms Springs Film Festival.

Talking to Harper’s Bazaar later, she shared that right from the first moments that she saw Adam, she knew that he is the love of her life. Spooky much?

As it should be, after the huge discovery on Twitter, many users have expressed their astonishment and how their minds were blown after this tea between Anne Hathaway and Shakespeare was spilled.

Take a look at some of the most outstanding and hilarious reactions.

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Anne Hathaway and Shakespeare 2

Anne Hathaway And Shakespeare 4

Anne Hathaway And Shakespeare 1

Anne Hathaway And Shakespeare 2

Anne Hathaway And Shakespeare 5

As per The Telegraph’s article in 2008, the actress was actually named after William Shakespeare’s wife purposefully. However, Anne Hathaway herself has never confirmed the allegation and there is still no explanation why her spouse looks like the artist that much.

Anne Hathaway and Shakespeare 6
The myth is still unexplained but has made a lot of eyeballs drop

So what is the deal with Shulman and Hathaway? What is the actual connection between Anne Hathaway and Shakespeare? Are the spouses actually time travelers, or is it only one big coincidence?

Whatever it is, it is pretty cool and the actress and the poet (and his wife also) share these striking similarities.

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