Amateur Thief Slept Over While Robbing An Air-Conditioned House In Andhra Pradesh

Hanima Anand |Sep 29, 2020

The man broke into a house to rob at midnight but fell asleep when he came to an AC room. It’s not until the police woke him up that he realized his mistake.

The world is full of strange things and here is one of them. A young thief broke into a house in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh at 4 a.m. When he was searching the house for valuables, he came to an air-conditioned room.

Thief In Andhra Pradesh House
No one would expect waking up next to a thief.

Well, working at midnight is never easy for all of us, and so does this 22-year-old man. Can’t resist the temptation, the thief decided to take a nap. However, the short nap turns out to be a sound sleep when the house owner found a thief snoring in his room in the morning. Frightened a bit, the owner locked the burglar inside the room and called the police.

It’s not until the police came that the man woke up. It took the officials some minutes to persuade him before detaining the young naïve thief.

During the investigation, the man reported his name was Babu. He had done a recce before breaking into the house of Satti Venkat Reddy on September 12.

House In Andhra Pradesh
The 22-year-old burglar has collected information about the house and area before.

When he was following the plan perfectly, the air conditioner made him feel asleep. Already tired, Babu couldn’t resist and fall into sleep deeply. Actually, the thief intended to leave after taking a nap under the bed of Satti but things went in a different direction then.

In the morning, Satti was stunned by the snores of the strange man in his room. He alerted the police and the authority came there at 7:30 a.m.

Babu said he was just an amateur burglar. He was working at a sweet stall but his salary wasn’t enough to pay his debts. That’s why he thought of robbing to solve financial problems.

Police had arrested Babu though he didn’t succeed in committing the crime. He was arrested under Section 380/511 for the attempt to commit theft.

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