9 Golden Words All Parents Should Say To Their Kids

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 02, 2021

Need some tips to handle your stubborn child? Check out 9 magic words which can change the situation and make your kids better-behaved.

Dealing with misbehaving children has been taking a toll on almost all parents. The challenge is even worst if your kids find out that they can get everything they want just by doing so. Check out some helpful tips to handle your stubborn child effectively!

1. Keep a calm and positive attitude

How To Deal With Subborn Child 1
There are some possible methods to deal with your stubborn kids

You kids have a bad temper and keep yelling or crying all the time? Ask yourself if you've done the same thing on them or not. Instead of yelling louder than your kids to have their attention, try to calm down and lower your voice so they will need to stop crying to listen to you.

2. Give them the right to decide

How To Deal With Subborn Child 2
Keeping a positive attitude is essential in every case

Everyone one to take control of their life, including children. Instead of giving them an order, try to give them a few options so that they can be decided by themselves which one to go with.

3. Snacks make a different

How To Deal With Subborn Child 3
Remember to bring snacks when you do out with your kids

Sometimes, being hungry fuels an angry kid (or angry person) and some snacks is the best solution to cope up with a child who is throwing a tantrum.

4. Tell them the reason why

How To Deal With Subborn Child 4
Some simple words can change the situation!

Instead of forcing children to do the things they dislike without any reason, let them know why they need to do it and all the bad outcomes they might get from not doing so.  This helps children to learn and collect information for their decision in the future.

5. Create a routine for children to follow

How To Deal With Subborn Child 5
Create a routine for your kids is important

Instead of wasting their time on the TV or playing with stuff, you can invite them to help with simple chores with a scheduled timeline. Set up your own rules and give them rewards as motivation.

6. Show them logical conserquences

How To Deal With Subborn Child 6
There is a fine line between a good kid and a stubborn one

Sometimes you need to set punishment when your kids are stubborn. However, make sure that the consequences they get are logical and relatable to the previous actions. For example, if your kids do not finish their food, do not give them the desert, if they do not clean up the toys, do not let them to play with any toys.

7. Redirect attention

How To Deal With Subborn Child 7
Keep them engaged with actitivies

the American Academy of Pediatrics has proved that sometimes kids are naughty and misbehave just because they are bored. In this case, drawing their attention with entertaining toys or activities the most effective method.

8. Ask for their solutions

How To Deal With Subborn Child 8
Talks to them just like an aldult

If they do not know how to deal with your kids, why not asking them for the solution? Hearing from your children will help you to understand their desires and thoughts while improving their problem-solving skills.

9. Acknowledge their feelings

How To Deal With Subborn Child 9
Showing sympathy is important when your kids are throwing tantrum

Emotion is an important side of every people, especially children. It would be easier to deal with a stubborn child if he is understood and acknowledged. "I understand how you feel," I know you're disappointed but..." are some effective words parents can say to their kids to make the situation better.

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