Types Of Parents Your Girlfriend Has And How To Impress Them

Jasmin Hue |Oct 04, 2019

You have butterflies in your stomach on thinking about your first meeting with your girlfriend's parents? Do not worry, prepare yourself well by getting to know these 5 types of parents and the way to impress them.

You and your girlfriend make a decision to go further in your relationship or even plan to tie the knot? Meeting each other’s parents is the next crucial step to take.

Men, are you nervous on the thought of first meeting with your partner’s parents? And do you wonder how to prove them you are the right person to be their daughter’s life companion?

To win their heart is sometimes even harder than winning their daughter’s heart. But, do not freak out, check this out these five typical types of parents and we will give you some tips on how you can create a good impression on them.

Stern parents

It is common that parents might get extra strict when it comes to choosing the person to entrust their daughter to as he will have to take care of her for the rest of her life. This type of parents might closely scrutinize you, from top to toe, inside out, and might challenge you.

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Tips to deal with them: Be punctual and take care of your appearance: Formal dress, clean and trimmed hair. You can show them how you also respect discipline and other moral values.  Also, keep a cool head and a warm heart as they might test you by being rude to you.

The spiritual parents

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Her parents are pious religion followers, who strictly follow any rituals and hold strong beliefs in the teachings in their religion. To some extent, they will expect you to do that as well. They constantly incorporate in the conversation various religious values, teachings, especially about marriage.

Tip to deal with them: If you are genuinely interested in that topic and also believe in what they say, you will understandably score high in their heart. But if you hold different beliefs, even the opposite ones, still try to listen to them with your open-mindedness and show them your respect.

The strange parents

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This type of parents is hard to deal with but is also very common. Sometimes, they might have a different sense of humour from you and you end up falling into awkward moments. They may as well ask sensitive questions or suddenly turn into investigators who bombard you with thousands of questions about your date, etc. Even your girlfriend may become a victim of all embarrassing stories of her childhood.

Tip to deal with them: They may put you in speechless moments but, try to be nice to them. Who knows, maybe they are as well having butterflies in their stomach on the first time meeting you or they are just trying to impress you by creating a comfortable atmosphere, which unfortunately turns into awkward moments.

The future-oriented parents

They do not care about who you are now, what you have been through, how much you have achieved. What matters to them is the “future” you. As you will become their daughter’s companion for her whole life, so understandably they want to know if you can guarantee her a secured future or not.

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Tip to deal with them: Do not panic, take it as an important interview that will give you a life-long job. Try to convince them with your detailed plan for the future as a mature man, and grasp the opportunity to impress them with your accomplishments.

The open-minded parents

You are lucky to meet such cool parents. They are the ones with open-mindedness and are young in their soul. They try to put themselves in the younger generation’s shoes and might act as real youngsters. You will have interesting moments talking with them without feeling any age gap.

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Tip to impress them: Easy peasy! Show them your sense of humour, have fun telling jokes and openly discuss any topics together! You will feel no distance from them and they will surely get along with you.

All in all, the key to winning any type of parents’ heart is be yourself, show them how much you love their daughter and that you will put all-out efforts to make her happy.


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