25-Year-Old Man Had No Idea That A Knife Blade Was Stuck Inside His Chest For Over A Year

Salena Harshini |Mar 29, 2021

He had no idea about the existence of it until he had a health check to apply for a job.

A man from the Philippines thought the sharp chest pains he experienced in cold weather were normal until he made an astonishing finding. The Filipino learned that there was a 4-inch-long blade of a knife in his chest post an X-ray routine.

A knife stays in the chest for a whole year

The 25-year-old man named Kent Ryan Tomao was beyond confused when doctors said he had an “object resembling a knife” lodged in his chest. Moreover, it was very near one of his lungs.

He went to an X-ray exam as it is required for his application to a mining work in Agusan del Sur. And he could never imagine that something like this would actually happen to him.

Knife In Chest Filipino Man
The man with knife in the chest made the whole world stunned.

He told the doctors that sometimes, he had experienced extreme pains in his chest on cold days. However, the Filipino man did not think too much about it. Apparently, he absolutely did not expect a whole knife blade in there.

He told a local radio station,

“I always wonder why I feel some pain in my chest when the weather is cold. But I have no idea there is a knife in my chest.”

The man with knife in the chest must have been just as surprised as we are about the incident.

It was from a dire accident

On being asked whether he knew how it ended up in his body, Kent revealed that he was a victim of a stabbing more than one year ago. He was reportedly riding a motorbike last June when a gang of youths attacked and stabbed him.

Knife In Chest
The long blade has been in his chest for 15 months and yet he is still alive and well.

He did not remember much about that incident. The only thing that stayed is he almost could not make it when they brought him to the hos[ital. Eventually, the doctors still managed to save his life.

Kent had always presumed that the doctors performed every necessary test before he was released. The man never had any other reason as he just experienced these chest pains in the unusually cold weather.

Man With Knife In The Chest
The man with knife in the chest must feel relieved that he is still alive.

In spite of the flabbergasting discovery, he shared that he had no plans to sue the doctor that treated him after the last year's incident. In fact, he refused to name them in order not to cause any problem. What he wants now is to have the knife removed so he can apply for the mining job.

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