KL Rahul Deleted Comment On Virat Kohli WeightLifting Video, Words From Puma India Are Most Striking!

Hanima Anand |May 20, 2020

In his latest post of home training, Virat Kohli wowed all fans and colleagues with his super strength. KL Rahul was among the first to comment but then deleted it.

Being one of the fittest athletes so far, Virat Kohli has always maintained his workout routine even during the lockdown. And his latest video of weightlifting gives other colleagues a good run for their money.

Virat Kohli Weightlifting Photo
Weight lifting is the secret of fittest men, from Virat Kohli to Tiger Shroff.

Due to the pandemic, Virat Kohli has been quarantined in his Mumbai house with wife Anushka Sharma. However, nothing can stop this 31-year-old Captain to train his muscles, right in his home gym.

Virat Kohli Training
King Kohli loves gym and nothing can make him skip his workout.

Yesterday, King Kohli posted a workout video in which he lifted heavy weight easily. All fans are shocked while AB De Villiers and KL Rahul jumped to comment to show their speechlessness.

“Earn it. Don’t demand it.”

This is the inspiring message our Captain sent to all his followers on Instagram.

Commenting on the post, Puma India also got very touching words for King Kohli:

“Dropping knowledge, lifting weight.”

The comment exactly reflects the personality of Virat Kohli – a man who never stops working hard and is willing to share knowledge with others.

Virat Kohli Weightlifting Video
Comment from Puma India got over 1.5K likes.

Also most liked in commenting sections are AB De Villiers' and other cricketers' reactions. They are all shocked at the skill Virat Kohli showcased.

Interestingly, K.L Rahul first commented on the post as "Okay" but when fans asked him "Where's yours", the comment is no longer available on the thread.

Comments On Virat Kohli Post
Even big names in the cricket world are left in awe.

Following the extended lockdown order, all sports and stadiums are not allowed to restart yet. Even after the lockdown is lifted, athletes probably have to play without any spectator to avoid spreading coronavirus. This is very sad news for cricket fans.

Having said that, watching cricketers work out at home is interesting. If it’s not for the lockdown, we can hardly have this chance, right?

Even our King Kohli finds this tough time valuable as he can spend his quality time with his beloved wife, practicing new hobbies and realizing many things in life.

Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma
Look at the way Kohli sees Anushka Sharma! He has a happy time in lockdown!

If you are fans of this champion, follow him to “earn it. Don’t demand it.” Use this time to train your body, sharpen your mind and prepare the best for your resumption.

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