Summary Notes On Free Fire Battle Arena Esports Tournament [Timeline & How To Join]

Hanima Anand |May 22, 2020

To help you keep track of most important events during Free Fire Battle Arena esports tournament, we summarise all necessary info in this list!

Garena just announced its 2020 Free Fire Battle Arena esports tournament which allows Indian gamers to win 300,000 diamonds at the end of all rounds.

Here are what you should note about this exciting event for Free Fire community!

Free Fire Esports Tournament
Free Fire tournament is one of the most awaited online events in the world.

Who are eligible?

Free Fire Battle Arena is open to all game players on Indian server, including those from either India, Bangladesh or Nepal.

When and How to register?

The registration started yesterday, from May 21 to May 23.

Players need to register in teams of 4 to 5 players and sign up for the Free Fire Cup to compete in Free Fire Battle Arena.

Watch this video for more illustration!

Timeline of Free Fire Battle Arena esports tournament

On May 24 - Open Qualifiers

Registered teams will compete with others in an online open qualifier stage. Everyone will be supposed to play out open qualifier matches on the same day to ensure equality.

From May 29 to June 5 - League Stage

The top 24 teams from open qualifiers stage will advance to this league stage.

They will be divided into 4 groups with 6 teams in each. These teams will compete with each other from May 29 to June 5 to select the best ones for next round.

The top and the second ranking in each group are eligible for final round.

Free Fire Battle Area Ffba 2020 Tournament Timeline
Free Fire Battle Area 2020 Tournament Timeline

On June 7 - Playoffs

Teams ranking from 3rd to 5th in league stage will compete in the playoffs for a wildcard entry.

Then we will know the last 4 spots in the finals.

On June 14 - Final

The top 12 teams from league and playoffs stages come to their final battles on this day to see who will become the owner of 100,000-diamond award.

The rest 200,000 diamonds will be distributed for some other teams with excellent performances.

Free Fire Diamonds
Say No to unlimited diamond hacks, win 100,000 diamonds with this tournament!

With this summary list, hope you can now be clear of timeline and events during Free Fire Battle Arena tournament starting on May 24.

Good luck to you all! Do come back for more Sports & Games updates!


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