Meet Chennai Boy Who Beats China & All Opponents At Chess Olympiad 2020

Hanima Anand |Aug 25, 2020

While seniors are working in diplomat fields, our Indian juniors also join hands to teach China a lesson. See who beats all Chinese opponents to enter the quarters of Chess Olympiad 2020!

Indian young are talented, no doubt, but this time, the victory of a Chennai boy in the latest Chess Olympiad 2020 online is more meaningful given the intense situation between India and China.

Chess Olympiad 2020
Due to the pandemic, Chess Olympiad 2020 is held online.

Indian juniors beat China at Chess Olympiad 2020

R. Praggnanandhaa, a young boy from Chennai, is one of the two Indian juniors who beat the Chinese team to enter the quarterfinals of the competition. He got an amazing achievement when maintaining straight six wins in all the games he’s in till date. Praggnanandhaa is also the one with most impressive result in the team for now.

Praggnanandhaa At Chess Olympiad
Praggnanandhaa is a familiar name to junior chess fans for his unique tactics.

Another junior team member, the Indian girl Divya Deshmukh also defeated Chinese opponents to prove Indian talent over the greedy country as well. Meanwhile, other members of our national chess team, including D. Harika, Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, P.Harikrishna and K. Humpy had a draw with Chinese representatives in their respective games.

Indian Boy At Chess Olympiad 2020
The boy is expected to break records of precedented Indian grandmasters.

With these proud results, Indian Chess Olympiad 2020 national team is currently leading Pool A over China, Georgia, Mongolia and Germany. The team has 7 members in total, as listed below:

  • Viswanathan Anand (Men)
  • Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (Men)
  • Pentala Harikrishna (Men)
  • Arvindh Chithambaram (Men)
  • Koneru Hampy (Women)
  • Dronavalli Harika (Women)
  • Bhakti Kulkarni (Women)
  • R. Vaishali (Women)
  • Nihal Sareen (Junior Boys)
  • R. Praggnanandha (Junior Boys)
  • Divya Deshmukh (Junior Girls)
  • Vantika Agrawal (Junior Girls)

About Chess Grandmasters in India

Chess is becoming more popular in our country within the last few decades. There are 65 chess grandmasters in India ranked by the World Chess Federation in 2020.

Viswanathan Anand
Viswanathan Anand is the most well-known chess player in India now.

The most remarkable Indian chess grandmaster now is Viswanathan Anand, who secures the World Number 15 with a standard rating of 2753. Anand V is also leading the national team in Chess Olympiad online this time.

Dronavalli Harika is also a famous name in the chess world when ranking number 2 among global female chess masters. Her standard rating is 2553.

Dronavalli Harika
Dronavalli Harika needs to defeat one more person to become world's female No.1.

Some other Indian grandmasters that have top standard rating can be named as Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (2736), Pentala Harikrishna (2726), Baskaran Adhiban (2659) and Krishnan Sasikiran (2647). However, the last two names are not joining Olympiad this year. In the meantime, Arvindh Chithambaram, an Olympiad 2020 team member, scores 2641, also listed in top 10 Indian grandmasters as of May 2020.

Back to Chess Olympiad 2020 schedule, the finals are supposed to take place by August 30. Teams are preparing themselves for the quarterfinals at the moment.


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