Pakistan Former Cricketer Called For Lie Detector Tests To Prevent Match-Fixing: Is It Easy To Adopt?

Hanima Anand |May 13, 2020

Many comment this Pakistan cricketer-turned-commentator watched too many movies when suggesting such an innocent idea. If this is applied, will it prove effective?

Yesterday in a Youtube video, the Pakistan former cricketer Ramiz Raja expressed his concern about match-fixing in the cricket world. He then suggests the introduction of lie detector tests which should also be conducted randomly like dope testing.

Ramiz Raja believes this idea will help weed out unethical players who are involved in match-fixing. Just recently, an Afghanistan wicketkeeper-batsman was banned for 6 years due to corruption charges.

Ramiz Raja Lie Detector Tests
Ramiz Raja called his idea as out-of-the-box in preventing match-fixing.

Raja said this idea was out-of-the-box to identify those players.

“I wish there was an instrument to calculate this intention, just like the temperature taking tools being used for the Covid-19. We could easily red flag players who could go on to become fixers,”

The 57-year-old Pakistan commentator pointed out that the entire cricket world was having difficulties with match-fixing problems even though a lot of strict rules and regulations, as well as education programs, had been introduced.

Shafiqullah Shafaq Match Fixing
Shafiqullah Shafaq is the latest name in the match-fixing scandal, banned 6 years.

According to Ramiz Raja, there are two stages where a player may face the match-fixing temptation.

“Fixers can usually attack in two important parts of a career. They can attack at the end of someone’s career because they have nothing to lose. They can also attack at the start when a player is starting out because their minds are impressionable at that stage.”

In fact, Ramiz Raja made good points in reasoning the need for a device which can detect fixers. However, from theory to reality is there a long way.

In the movies, it’s common to see cops use lie detector machine when exploiting news from criminals. However, in reality, things may not come that easy.

Lie Detector Tests
The application of lie detector tests is not as simple as we may think.

As a rule, a machine can be defeated by another machine, or even human themselves. No one can be sure whether the quality of that device is 100% guaranteed. What if it says a player is involved in match-fixing? What will we do next when the match even hasn’t happened yet?

Or what if it tells wrong just one time? It can ruin the entire career of one cricketer.

And most seriously, what if fixers intervene results of the test? They can pay a large sum for match-fixing, no doubt they have enough to change a statement.

So, what do you think about this out-of-the-box idea of random lie detector tests by Ramiz Raja? Leave your comments in the box below!

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