Tamil Star Vijay Asks Fans Not To Chase His Car In Viral VIDEO. Check The Video!

Kanchana Ngan |Mar 09, 2019

Actor Vijay, amid busy schedule shooting for Thalapathy 63 in Chennai, still took good care of fans when asking them not to dangerously follow his car.

Thalapathy 63 is currently on the process of shooting completion, which can be referred to lead actor Vijay's busy schedule these days. Recently, he was spotted at a college which was believed to be a scene location.

The star was warmly welcomed there when dozens of people recognised him and chased after his car, to the extent that it might cause danger or unexpected injury. India Today also reported this news and confirmed the messy situation at that time, with fans' rushing and screaming. However, they all stopped after Vijay lowered the car window and gave them advice on this situation.

Vijay 2

(from Twitter: @Thalapathy63off)

Being afraid of possible accidents, Vijay immediately said hello with fans through the car window, then asked them not to chase after his car. He did it politely and kindly, in order not to let fans feel offended or disappointed. It was filmed that the actor even stood up and got outside the window to interact with fans who were standing at a far distance. The action was all recorded and spread on social media in the blink of an eye. Vijay was highly praised for his consideration and thoughtfulness towards fans' safety.

Check out videos of the incident from different angles below.

Some other actors of Bollywood, from Tamil cinema like Ajith, Suriya, had been put under the same situation in which they also worried about the safety and had to ask fans not to follow. Although our stars will sincerely appreciate fans' love, they care more about their safety, which's touching indeed.

Source: The Quint

Vijay has been working on a sports-themed film which is written and directed by Atlee. In the movie, the respected actor is rumoured to play the role of a football coach. Because there's been no confirmation yet, the audience has no idea about what it will be like. However, it, somehow, makes us more anticipated and looked forward to Vijay's Thalapathy 63.


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