#MeToo Tanushree Dutta: Police Records Statement Of Witness Sudhir Pandey

Author |Oct 26, 2018

The sexual assault case of Tanushree Dutta finally achieves certain progression. It is because the police recorded Sudhir Pandey’s statements who is the actor and the member of CINTAA.

The sexual assault case of Tanushree Dutta finally achieves certain progress. In the latest occurrence, the police recorded statements of Sudhir Pandey, the actor and the member of CINTAA. He was presented in the shooting of Horn OK Please in 2008. Moreover, according to the statement, Sudhir Pandey was an eye-witness of what had occurred at the incident. Besides the statement from him, the police also gather evidence from others who offered to give help as witnesses during this sexual harassment case. The actor also disclosed that he had given the police with several facts involving Tanushree-Nana case. Plus, she added the information about the meeting minutes taking place between the party as well as the complainant, which raised the sexual harassment issues. Sudhir Pandey revealed that they had adhered to a standard procedure since the police complaint had been lodged by the complainant.

Tanushree Dutta

The Police Will Take Down A Greater Numbers Of Statements From More Witnesses

According to source from Mumbai Mirror, the police also take down more witnesses’ statements which the FIR reported once as soon as police are pursuing their investigation. More than that, the videos as evidence also get recovered.

CINTAA Provides Full Support Towards The Case

CINTAA Extended Support Regarding The Case

Sushant Singh, the general secretary of CINTAA unveiled several things about this sexual assault case in a press conference. He said that this case will certainly receive full support from the organization. Furthermore, he also took no hesitation to express that they are investigating the case between Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar, Gaurang Doshi and Flora Saini. In addition, they are working with the police for further inspection. CINTAA is also taking lawful advice with a view to designing their action plans for the upcoming days. As stated, they hope that the truth will come out in the end.

Tanushree Dutta Had Lashed Out Against CINTAA Previously

Tanushree Dutta Used To Criticize CINTAA Strongly

Tanushree Dutta had strongly criticized CINTAA for just saying big words without taking any action last week. She also revealed that this organization only speak about justice only when there are cameras. However, they will do nothing and only sit still when there are no cameras.

Nana Patekar To Land In Prison?

Is Nana Patekar In Jail?

Nitin Satpute, the exclusive lawyer of Tanushree Dutta had disclosed previously that as soon as the police could explore concrete proof from the statements of witnesses who are against Patekar, he will quick to land in jail.


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