Swara Bhaskar Reveals The Truth About Her Separation With Himanshu

Ankita Chetana |Mar 29, 2020

The actress detailed that none of them did anything wrong or cheated on each other. What led to her breakup with Himanshu Sharma was another reason.

The former couple of actress Swara Bhaskar and writer Himanshu Sharma ended up their love story in July last year. They had dated for nearly 5 years after having met each other on Raanjhana sets. After parting away, the actress shared that she didn't feel angry as she saw the two's relationship was unfortunate. She even added that no one cheated on one another or did something wrong.

Himanshu Sharma And Swara
Source: Instagram

Holding on the conversation, Swara continued to explain why they decided to break up:

"I always think about it. Supposing you are walking down a park and that's what relationships are - you have decided to undertake a journey together. You come to a point where there are only two ways to go, you can either go left or right and one person wants to go right and the other person wants to go left. Then one of them have to say 'okay I will leave mine and come with you'. If neither person wants to leave their direction then you just have to say goodbye and maybe agree that itna hi tha humara journey. We have to accept not just our choices but also the choices of other people. I guess that's what growing up is about. I think I am very needy and open about my feelings with my family and friends. So I had a lot of support."

Swara Bhaskar 1
Source: Instagram
Swara Bhaskar
Source: Instagram

When clarifying the reason leading to their breakup, some reports said that Swara expressed her thought of marriage but Himanshu didn't prepare for it. The actress also claimed that breakup wasn't also easy for her and she also felt hurtful to end a relationship that she cherished the most. It was an aspect of her life and defining what she did every day. She really believes in the marriage institution as she is a gharelu person.

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