Swara Bhaskar Religion, Pakistan Controversy, Husband: All That Leave The Netizens Murmuring

Salena Harshini |Nov 20, 2020

Swara Bhaskar attracts the public eye not only with her successful movies but also with some of the most viral controversies. Read more here!

Because fame parallels controversies, as one of the most successful actresses of Bollywood, Swara Bhaskar is also no exception when it comes to being embroidered in dispute throughout her career. We know that you are intrigued and here is everything about Swara Bhaskar religion, her Pakistan dispute, family, tattoo, and more.

Swara Bhaskar
Everything about Swara Bhaskar religion, controversies, and more is revealed here1

If you are curious, she was raised in a multicultural as while her mother is a Bihari, Swara Bhaskar father is a Telugu. Given the fact that her family is that special in terms of cultural background, Swara Bhaskar religion is still Hinduism.

Chitrapu Uday Bhaskar, Swara Bhaskar father, is a Columnist who worked as the Commodore of Indian Navy. He is touted as one of the most excellent critics and experts in Indian strategic and security affairs.

In the meantime, one of the biggest disputes in Swara’s career until now is her opposing statements regarding Pakistan.

Swara 4
Swara Bhaskar Pakistan case has attracted many talks in the town

Actor Swara Bhaskar shared in an interview as she came back from two trips in Pakistan that they were two memorable visits. Although she thought it was “enemy territory”, she was welcomed with hospitality, warmth, free samosas and chai for being an Indian.

"Both my visits to Pakistan were made beautiful and memorable by the hospitality, warmth and friendship of my hosts, friends and even random strangers I met.”

She has got candid on her experience whole-heartedly in a Pakistani television show and it immediately went viral on social media.

However, what sparked controversies was that the actor also had a comment about Pakistan but with a totally different attitude. On the time her film Veere Di Wedding was banned in Pakistan, she called the neighbor nation a “failing state”. The actress also added that she did not expect anything better from it.

Swara 2
Swara Bhaskar religion is also put on question after the Pakistan controversy

The video where she belittled Pakistan in such a passionate manner has from time to time be dug online. She said as she was arguing against the inhibition of her film in the neighbor country for its strong language.

“I learnt the word ‘janab’ because I thought I should show some manners here. “Pakistanis have a way worse vocabulary than we do, I know.”

With her contradicting statements, she has been called out a lot of times and the question that has been raised is that “who is the real Swara Bhaskar?” The thing about Swara Bhaskar religion and Swara Bhaskar Pakistan controversy will be brought up again for sure considering how much tizzy it has created.

Take a look at more Swara Bhaskar facts that you may always have wanted to know.

Born on 9 April 1988 in Delhi, the 32-year-old actress graduated with a degree in English Literature. She also gained a Master’s degree in Sociology at the known college Jawaharlal Nehru University.

In 2008, she moved to Mumbai as she decided to pursue an acting career in B-town. After many auditions, she was finally chosen for Niyati, but the movie was shelved. Her debut role was in Madholal Keep Walking but barely anyone saw her in it.

Swara Bhaskar3
Besides Swara Bhaskar religion, her career is also a much talked-about topic

After she was noticed in Tanu Weds Manu which was a highly appreciated movie, her breakthrough came in after she starred in Raanjhanaa.

Besides working as an actor, she also does many social works. Post the 2002 riots in Gujarat, she volunteered to work at a relief camp.

Swara 6
Swara Bhaskar biography includes a lot of acclaimed movies

Among the accolades and awards she has gained, the most prominent ones are when she won Best Actress awards at Silk Road International Film Festival.

Swara Bhaskar tattoo is also a hot topic when it comes to the actress. For those who haven’t known, she now has two tattoos. The one on her right back is the lunar phase of “Moon” while the one she has on her left side of the chest of the Sun in Madhubani folk art representation.

Swara Bhaskar2
Swara Bhaskar tattoo is very special
And very subtle, sexy too

Many may also very curious about Swara Bhaskar husband name and apparently, she was in a relationship with writer Himanshu Sharma for quite a while. However, they parted ways to fans’ grief as he did not want to get married. Therefore, Swara Bhaskar husband name is still left blank in her profile as of now.

Like everyone else, she has her own likes and dislikes. She loves acting, obviously, and reading and she is also a fan of Meryl Streep, Sonam Kapoor, Shabana Azmi and Aishwarya Rai. Her favorite male star is Shah Rukh Khan.

Her most favorite movie is Kandukondain Kandukondain.

Swara Husband
She dated a writer for a while but is reportedly single now

While high heels are among the most necessary things in a girl’s closet, Swara Bhaskar makes everyone surprised as she said she is scared of heels. Although it does sound a bit weird, the actress never shies from showing it.

She is also a huge foodie. She loves every Indian dish regardless of the South or North. She is the biggest fan of Chole kulcha, Dosa, Idli, Litti Chokha, pizza, and dum aloo!

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