Swapnil Joshi: 'It Is Such A Blessing To Work With Mukta Barve'

Bindhiya Nhi |Dec 07, 2018

Swapnil Joshi has always felt thankful for everything in his career: From the roles that he had played to the friend that he had meet.

Swapnil Joshi is famous for his strong connection with Pune city. Among many of his roles in his career, he mostly plays as Puneites. For example, he took part in "Duniyadari" (2012), later with "Bhikari" (2017), and no one could ever miss his popular hit "Mumbai Pune Mumbai" ( from 2010 to 2015). All of these characters are Puneites, which makes Swapnil feels amused.

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The actor expressed his love for the beautiful city, saying the main reason was that Pune has not lost its original beauty from the past. He believed it made his acting skill much better. Swapnil also felt grateful because the citizens of the city always give him support and blessings. Mukmma

Talking about "Mumbai Pune Mumbai", Swapnil said that the third part of this movie is obviously a chance for him. Before Mumbai Pune Mumbai, virtually no movie had the third sequel in Marathi industry. Being the first could not make him worried.

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He was really proud of all the achievements of the movie even though it already had 3 parts.


Later, Swapnil Joshi shared about his relationship with his co-star on the screen and best friend in real life Mukta Barve. Throughout 8 years, thanks to  "Mumbai Pune Mumbai," he could make friends with a lot of people, and Mukta is one of his best friends. He praised Mukta for being one of the best actresses in Bollywood nowadays. He explained that Mukta possessed a source of energy which made her shine in any movie. He felt thankful for working with such a talented friend.

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