The Vamps Talk About Their Four Corners Tour And Performance In India

ThuyNT |Oct 28, 2018

Within the Four Corners Tour, The Vamps - a pop-rock band from England came back to India and perform in Mumbai and Pune. The last time they played in the country since 2016 with the role like other opening performances for Coldplay. The group consists of four pieces lead vocalist  Bradley Simpson,  bass guitar player Connor Ball, guitar player James McVey and drum player Tristan Evans. There are two parts in their third released album Night & Day including night edition has published 2017 and day edition has published this July. The album has been ranking high on the charts and some hit songs are ‘Middle of the night’ and ‘Just my type’. Summary the interview:

How did the band write a new song? Where does creative inspiration come from?

James said that all of them listened to many types of music that could inspire them to compose. He really loved country music, therefore, he tried to apply other artists’ specifically illustrative lyrics and catching rhythms when he had a chance.

When small, were all of you made to pursue music and have you ever dreamed to become pop stars?

Tristan shared that he found his passion for drum when he studied at school and he realized playing the drums is vital to his life. He couldn’t perform well at class and image how he would have been if he had worked in an office.

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A scene from ‘Just my type’ song

Growing up which types of music influenced you. Who are the artists that you listen to on repeat recently?

Bradley revealed that he grew up with indie bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Cribs. Currently, he listened to many new artists like Mahalia and Parcels (a band from Berlin)

You think what are the core values of The Vamps, which makes you guys so strong and the music consistent, in spite of releasing every album?
James stated that they often worked independently instead of working in a group first and after that brought it together. Each of them has their private home with recording studios, therefore, everything was easy and the last creation is the work of that link effort.

Which are your favourite tracks out of your all songs, and why?
Connor said that his favourite track was one of the new ones that they all wrote and produced together. It’s really meaningful to him but he couldn’t talk more about that song now because of the top secret.
How could you describe the enthusiasm of the crowd with respect to gigs in India?
Bradley said the audience was so enthusiastic. He added that the band couldn’t wait until the next show and listen to their fans singing together.


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