South Actress Kajal Aggarwal Flaunts True Beauty With Freckled Skin In No-Makeup Image

Laavanya Hien |Jun 04, 2019

Kajal Aggarwal has made the social media go wild when sharing a post where she is seen wearing no makeup and flaunting the freckled skin.

Recently, Kajal Aggarwal took to Instagram to share her image in which the stunning actress wears no makeup and flaunts the freckled skin. After only a short period, her post has made social media go wild. It seems that the internet is keen on her freckles as it is not the first time the Magadheera actor posted a makeup-free picture.

Alongside the picture is her accompanying caption expressing how the cosmetics don’t prove an individual’s true beauty. Otherwise, it's the self-esteem in one’s character, which determines our beauty. In her opinion, true beauty only exists in how we accept ourselves regardless of how adorable we are.

Kajal Aggarwal's post read:


Take a look at her Instagram post below:

Since the post surfaced online, it has reached more than 7,500 comments, up to 7 lakh counting and likes. Notably, most comments aim at echoing the sentiment of Kajal Aggarwal. Also, fans manifest their love for her freckles, which is proof that the 33-year-old actress never shies away from showing her real beauty without cosmetics.

Nonetheless, several comments are giving a hint that Kajal would next appear with full makeup, and her post this time has no importance.

Previously, at the end of May, Kajal also confidently showed off her natural beauty without cosmetics together with a caption:


As previously mentioned in several comments, unlike the above freckled-skin photo, the actress comes back with some Instagram posts with makeup layers:



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