Fans Attacks Pak Actor Shaan Shahid Who Criticizes Shah Rukh Khan For Dubbing Lion King

Mina Muzumdar |Jul 15, 2019

Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid has recently slammed superstar Shah Rukh Khan for dubbing Hindi version's 'The Lion King' and questioned nepotism in Bollywood.

Fans are keeping on the edge of their seat since Shah Rukh Khan confirmed his role in The Lion King Hindi version as voice actor together with his son Aryan. Now as the Bollywood superstar took to Twitter to share the trailer of his upcoming film, Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid slammed him for voicing in the film.



Soon after, his comment has irked Shah Rukh Khan's fans and many of them slap him back for his distasteful statement. “But who are you? Even Google doesn’t tell me,” a fan tweeted.


A user name Sadia Khattak then replied to his tweet: “Sir, your comments on Shahrukh Khan has been castigated severely. But believe me, We have more talents than in our industry than India. I mean I can bit if thy can produce to match even acting set by the legend “Qawi Khan “thy cant.”

Shaan wrote, “I agree that is the reason he is dubbing not acting in any of the mainstream Hollywood films. The population factor is where India gets all the investments from the west ..”




In the other note, Shaan Shahid also questioned the nepotism in the film industry citing that Shah Rukh Khan made use of his power to bring his son on board. "I encourage young talent but sometimes encouraging wrong to make it right is a disaster. Nepotism sometimes doesn’t bare fruit. Even Will Smith couldn’t do it."

Many fans are enraged over Shaan Shahid's comment.

The remake of Disney classic film The Lion King live-action version, directed by Job Favreau is expected to hit the cinema on 19 July 2019. In India, the film will be released in English, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.


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