"Samantha You Make Me Proud", Says Naga Chaitanya In A Video Message

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jul 01, 2019

"I am happy that you are part of a film that will make you proud", said the actor Naga Chaitanya. The film will also see Naga Shaurya in a critical role will hit the screens on July 5th.

There is a lot of anticipation and expectation of Samantha Akkineni's upcoming movie Oh Baby. In an interaction with her fans in a pre-release event, Samantha thanked her fans for accepting her versatile characters over the past and hence giving her the opportunity to be part of such a film.

Her co-star Naga Chaitanya also thanked the entire team of Oh Baby and also expressed his credence that the movie will make his fans proud.

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Actor Naga Chaitanya and Actress Samantha Akkineni

Thanking her fans the South actress stated, "I thank my audience first of all for giving me with such an opportunity. It's very difficult and could have been an impossible task to make a heroine-centric film in this industry without your support. So if the producers had the trust on me and my acting prowess it's solely and just because of you guys. Today I am where I am and I am what I am because of your support. Thank you."
Oh Baby Poster
Talking about her choice and why she selected the film, the actress said, "I think it's not me who selected the story but in fact the story selected me. Every single day while I was on this project, doing this film, the film gave me intense happiness and a challenge. The character was challenging. And today if I am able to say that this is my best work till date then it's solely because of the team that I worked with. Nandini (the director of the film) is like a sister to me. I trusted her, her work and the passion that she has for towards the craft and that would be seen on screen when the movie will be released."
This first time that Samantha Akkineni has signed up for a comedy film. She also thanked the veteran legendary actor Rajendra Prasad for helping her with comedy timings. She said, "I have to thank Rajendra Prasad Garu for helping me with my comedy and comedy timing in the film. If I am able to make you laugh and get marks for my comedy then he is the only person who has to be credited for my entire work."
Samantha Naga
All this was obviously overwhelming for the actress. But the real gem of the day came when the legendary actor Naga Chaitanya praised her and her performance in Oh Baby. Naga Chaitanya made his presence felt in the event even though he couldn't make it physically. He sent a video message praising Samantha and her performance. He said that it makes him extremely proud to witness such a mature performance from Samantha and also he is proud of the script that the actress is choosing to be a part of.
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Naga Chaitanya in his video message said, "I watched the film Oh Baby and I felt that I am very much connected with the movie. And it remained the same throughout the entire film. I am sure that the film will make everyone happy too. I would recommend everyone to go watch the film with your entire family because it would be a treat for everyone.
I am so proud that you are a part of this film. You make me feel proud with your selection of movies and this is by far the best of the entire lot. She has this cute part of her that I see at home and I am happy that I witnessed the same Samantha on screen in this movie and that sincerity makes it the best film of her till now. More than the success that will come along with the movie, I am happy that you are part of a film that will make you proud. Oh Baby. July 5th. Do not miss."


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