Resul Pookutty To Bankroll A Film On Runaway Children

Mohnish Singh |Dec 30, 2019

Resul Pookutty is an Oscar-winning sound engineer. He won the Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing, along with Richard Pryke and Ian Tapp, for the 2008 British drama “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Resul Pookutty needs no introduction! He is one of the most successful sound engineers of Indian cinema, who has worked on a number of award-winning movies over the years. He shot to international fame when he received the Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing, along with Richard Pryke and Ian Tapp, for the 2008 British drama Slumdog Millionaire. There has been no looking back for him since then. Today, Resul Pookutty is one of the most sought-after sound designers and audio mixers not only in India, but also across the world.

Resul Pookutty

The latest about Resul Pookutty we hear that he has decided to bankroll a film which will be based on runaway children in India. Confirming the development, Pookutty informed a newswire that the script is currently being written by a well-known scriptwriter from Kerala. Once the final draft is locked, the team will plan to begin production. They are planning to complete the film by next year.

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Image source: FilmCompanion

Resul Pookutty revealed his plans for producing the untitled project at a programme organised by the Samatol Foundation, an NGO working for the uplift and rehabilitation of runaway children. He said that he was inspired and moved by a book titled Runaway Children written by S. Hariharan. It was right after reading the film that he decided to make a film on the lives of the children who run away from their homes for different reasons. He confirmed he is producing the film.

Pookutty went on to reveal that the script should be ready by next month, after which they will plan the shooting. The added that the film will be shot at different locations, including Mumbai, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. More details, including the casting, are expected to arrive soon. It is so good to see when someone decides to shed light on such an important issue through the medium of cinema.


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