This is why Rashmika Mandanna breaks up with Rakshit Shetty?

Hanima Anand |Sep 10, 2018

This star couple - Rashmika and Rakshit - is on rumors breaking up with each other? This is actually shocking news to their loyal fans.

Rashmika Mandanna is truly a young famous star in South cinema when she's only 21 years old. She is not only an actress but also Indian model who appears mainly in Kannada and Telugu films.

She quickly has such huge fans due to her attractive appearance, magnificent acting abilities and sweet characteristics.  She has cooperated with a lot of industry's biggest stars, so there is no denying that she has becomes so popular to the audience. So now, this would absolutely some shocking news to all Rashmika's fans there:

Raksmika Breaks Up With Rakshit?

Is it true that this star couple - Rashmika and Rakshit - has already broken up with each other?

As stated by Deccan Chronicle, Rashmika Mandanna has made up her mind to break up with fiancé Rakshit Shetty. After asking for her parent's opinion, it appears that the Chalo star has totally made her decision. This news went viral quickly after that.

Did Rashmika’s Professional Achievements Wreck The Relationship?

‘Similarity Issues’

From a trustful source, the actress decided to separate from Rakshit due to some compatibility problems. It also added that Rashmika is suffering from hurt by the breakup and is trying hard herself to get over this time as soon as possible.The source also revealed that this breakup decision is really tough to her. She had to consult a lot of people in advance, not only from her parents, but also some family elders and best friends.

The Background

There Were Some Rumors Said That Rashmika’s Career Success Ruined The Relationship. Was that true?

Having received a lot of good offers to develop her career, Rashmika absolutely has a bright future on her career path. Therefore, people thought that she might wants to spend a lot of efforts on her acting career. And that's also one of the other main reasons for her surprising breakup.

In another aspect, Rakshit didn't refuse the news. He said that there still were many issues needed to be solved. And he asked people not to judge her anymore. He really wants this message can be transferred to everyone and he is willing to leave social meadi if it's necessary in this case. He would like to only focus on his work at this time.

With respect to Rashmika's mother, she also appeared on a local TV Channel with the hope not to be disturbed in life anymore. She assumed that noone is derseved hurtful.

After all of that lasting rumors, Rashmika finally broke the silence by responding to the public through Twitter. She really needs everyone to sympathize and have a privacy respect in her own life.


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