'Rangeela' Director: Sunny Leone Does Not Debut in Malayalam With An Adult Movie

Bindhiya Nhi |Nov 21, 2018

Sunny Leone is going to have her very first step in a Malayalam movie, but will it be an adult movie? The director has made it clear.

Sunny Leone is going to have her very first role in a Malayalam film. According to the official news several weeks ago, her debut Malayalam movie is called "Rangeela". They also released a poster of the movie online. The director is set to be Santhosh Nair. Since the news of "Rangeela" was out, there has been much news revolved around it. Mostly, the main actors and the genre are the hot topics in the town. Recently, Santhosh Nair had shared more about "Rangeela" in an interview. The famous director of "Money Ratnam" wanted to make clear of some rumours so that people would not believe in wrong information.


A Fun Road Movie To Watch

Santhosh Nair revealed the genre of Sunny Leone's upcoming movie in that interview. "Rangeela" is a comedy film. It is expected to bring fun stories and a joyful adventure to the viewers. According to him, the movie will portrait some travellers who travel together. They start at Goa, and they plan to reach Hampi.


A Bit Raunchy But Nothing More Than That

The genre of the movie is becoming the most talked about topic among the fans. Rumours said that they heard "Rangeela" is going to be an adult movie. However, Santhosh refused denied the false information. "It is totally not a sex one", he said. The director explained that an adult movie would not be accepted among the Malayalam viewers. "Rangeela" will have a scene of dancing with may have some sensitive dancing movements, and that's all. Besides, the movie will have a lot of hilarious and exciting scenes.


Will Sunny Leone Speak Malayalam?

This is Sunny Leone's very first move in a Malayalam movie. However, despite the expectation, she is not going to speak Malayalam. According to Santhosh Nair, she does not have to use Malayalam for all the scenes. Her role in "Rangeela" is a South Indian Diva. Hence, speaking Malayalam is not necessary.


Confirmation Of Other Actors

Besides Sunny Leone, people also wonder about the other stars. Finally, the "Rangeela" director confirmed the cast. He said that Salim Kumar is going to take part in this comedy. Besides, Hareesh Kanaaran also has a role. As a cameo, Aju Varghese will also join "Rangeela".


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