Rakshit Shetty finally addresses the rumor breaking up with Rashmika Mandanna

tienhlt1 |Sep 12, 2018

Asking people don't just her but Rakshit also doesn't deny the rumor.

Rumour about actors Rakshit Shetty and Rashmika Mandanna calling it quits went viral recently. Reports suggested that Rashmika had made the decision after consulting with her parents. Now, Rakshit has finally talked about the breakup but hasn’t denied the news. He said: “There are many factors which are acting here. Please stop judging her (Rashmika).”

Before that, he had announced that would log out of social media for a while. But then, Rakshit activated his Facebook account to address the speculations. In a long note,  he wrote, “To Respected People! I had announced that I will be off social media to concentrate on other things. But I had to come back in order to clarify a few things, for what has been playing it from the last couple of days has been literally snatching away everything a person loved and lived for!”

He added, “You all have formed opinions about Rashmika. I don’t blame any of you because that’s how it is projected. Every one of us believes what we see and what is said. But it need not be true. Most of the time we come to a conclusion without even thinking from another perspective. I have known Rashmika for more than two years and I have known her better than any of you. There are many factors which are acting here. Please stop judging her. Please let her be in peace. I hope everything comes to a conclusion soon and you all will know the reality. Please don’t go by any media news. None of them has first-hand information from me or Rashmika herself. Many are creating their own news for their requirement. Assumptions are not reality.”

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Finally, he said, “Keeping this page live for a few days so that this message is conveyed to everyone. I will be back when it’s really needed and me leaving social media has nothing to do with any of this. I only want to concentrate on work since social media was getting addictive. Regards -- Rakshit Shetty.”

According to India Today, Rashmika’s mother talked about their breakup on a local TV Channel: “We are disturbed and on the path to recovery. For every individual, his life comes first. Nobody likes to hurt each other and everybody should be happy.”

Rakshit and Rashmika got engaged in July 2017 and cooperated in the superhit film Kirik Party. This marked the first Kannada film of Rashmika and even catapulted her to fame. The audiences immediately enjoyed the character and she has gained a loyal fan base since then.

Rashmika was last seen in the hit Telugu film Geetha Govindam and is now looking forward to the release of Nani and Nagarjuna’s Devadas on September 28.

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