"Oru Adaar Love" To Switch Climax And Screen New Version From Today

Kareena Kusari |Feb 20, 2019

"Oru Adaar Love"'s director determined to switch its climax and improve the plots considered as the film's twist.

Oru Adaar Love, 'wink girl' Priya Prakash Varrier's Malayalam debut, eventually has had its premiere since last Valentine's Day.

However, the reactions to the movie after its release are entirely contrary to the producers' expectations. The romantic flick got mixed reviews from the critics and audiences, wherein the majority commented they dislike the movie.

Priya Prakash Varrier Roshan Abdul Rahoof 5
Priya Prakash Varrier and Roshan Abdul Rahoof in "Oru Adaar Love".

Before negative comments from the viewers, Omar Lulu, Oru Adaar Love's director, determined to switch its climax and improve the plots considered as the film's twist. Currently, the producer has reportedly changed its climax and will screen Oru Adaar Love with its new version from today.

With this improvement, the film-makers hope that the movie will win high praise from critics and admirers and become a box-office success. In addition to Malayalam, Priya's film has launched in Telugu and Tamil languages in a massive number of South theatres.

Fireshot Capture 116 Oru Adaar Love To Switch Clim

The movie featuring an ensemble cast including Noorin Shereef, Roshan Abdul Rahoof and Priya is a romantic school love story. Before its launch, the film has created noise on the internet due to Priya’s viral wink. Adorable wink made Priya, the 19-year-old debutant, an overnight sensation and garnered so much limelight on social media.

However, unfortunately, that cute wink and the surrounding hype can't bring triumph to the film crew. Once again, this failure proves that content still plays the most crucial role in the movie' success.


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