Malayalam Director Nayana Sooryan Found Dead, Police Suspect Suicide

Maanyata Thu |Feb 26, 2019

Nayana Sooryan, who was found dead at her apartment was reportedly affected by the sudden demise of Rajendran. Police suspect she committed suicide.

Young Malayalam director Nayana Sooryan was found dead at her apartment in Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday. However, the police claimed on Monday that the exact cause of her death is not determined.

Nayana, who hailed from Alappad in Kollam district, had assisted some prominent filmmakers in the film industry. She had worked as an assistant director with Lenin Rajendran for many years.

According to close sources, the sudden death of Lenin Rajendran on 14th January due to liver ailments had affected her. The filmmaker was reportedly facing mental stress due to his death. The police have also indicated that Nayana had been undergone medical treatment for diabetes for a while and her autopsy result is awaited.

Nayana Sooryan

The filmmaker turned 29 on Saturday and her mother, who lives in Karungapalli, called her daughter to wish her on her birthday. However, Nayana did not answer the calls, and her mom became suspicious and phoned some of her friends to inquire, but they also had no clues about her.

Her mom and friends then went to Nayana’s apartment to find her. In spite of repeated knocking on the door, there were not any responses. Therefore, they had to use the spare key to go inside and found Nayana lying unconscious in her bedroom. They immediately took her to a nearby medical college, where the filmmaker was declared dead. The doctors have reportedly claimed that she could have died on early Sunday morning.

Nayana Sooryan stepped into the film industry as an independent filmmaker through Crossroad, one 2017 anthology where Nayana did a sequel Pakshikalude Mananam with two actors Mythili and Vijay Babu in the leading roles. She had previously worked as one associate filmmaker under some prominent filmmakers such as Lenin Rajendran, Jeethu Joseph, Dr Biju and Kamal. Nayana also helmed some stage shows and advertisements inside and outside the country.


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