"Naagin 4" Promo: Post "Avengers: Endgame" Twist, Encounter A New Most Poisonous Naagin

Laavanya Hien |May 29, 2019

After the end of "Naagin 3", a new promotion for "Naagin 4" was finally launched on Sunday. Without revealing much, this short promo reveals new supreme naagin creation.

After the end of Naagin 3, a new promotion for Naagin 4 was finally launched on Sunday. Without revealing much, this short promo lets fans know about the new supreme naagin creation.

Photo: hindustantimes.com

The promo shows how a dangerous and magical naagin is born when there is the appearance of the three women’s energies namely Yamini (acted by Sudha Chandran), Shesha (acted by Adaa Khan), Sumitra (acted by Rakshanda Khan).

What’s more, in this piece of advertising, fans are also able to take notice of three statues in which a mystical light is given off from their eyes. And, this light will create a new naagin which is considered the most poisonous one. Though its face is concealed, one certain thing we know is that this creation’s a female.

Naagin 3’s last episode unveiled an important detail which shows the participation of such characters as Shesha, Yamini, Ritvik, Shivangi, and Rocky. Moreover, it also opens up about character Yamini coming back in order to retaliate against their rivals as well as getting together again with lovers.

A similar situation happened before when it comes to the twist of Avengers: Endgame. Marvel fans felt displeased when the twist was applied to predict the final episode of Naagin 3 with characters returning from previous seasons. Nonetheless, Anita Hassanandani who featured in series Naagin 3 shared her point of view that having such a finale like that is “big” for TV series in India.

According to actor Anita, it’s greatly admired when these two-part finale witnesses the presence of myriad actors. He expressed, “It is big for TV to have a finale like this, and I am glad that I was a part of such a huge franchise”. Also, he also feels happy that it was greater than the second season despite a change in the actors of season 3. And he takes pride in this change. He also said that they expect to do a lot more seasons.


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