"Maharshi" Star Mahesh Babu Opens Up About Wife Namrata Shirodkar, Saying She's His Balancing Factor

Kanchana Ngan |May 15, 2019

Mahesh Babu - Namrata Shirodkar is considered a model of love and intimacy of Bollywood. Recently, the actor opened up more about their relationship.

Having tied the knot for 13 years, Mahesh Babu and Namrata Shirodkar's happy married life has set a high goal for millions of their followers. Since 2005, they have been the symbol of love, intimacy, and faithfulness that every couple out there would like to pursue. Two adorable kids they have together (Gautham and Sitara Krishna) do not seem to fade the love away, but even multiply it by times.

Mahesh Babu Namrata Shirodkar
Mahesh regards Namrata as his balancing factor. (Source: Instagram)

In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, Mahesh Babu once again opened up about their relationship, describing Namrata as his vital balancing factor.

In the actor's words, Namrata Shirodka is such a "supportive," "encouraging" wife, but at the same time, her critical thinking helps him a lot with work. That's the reason why the "balancing factor" pops out immediately when Mahesh thought of his partner. Especially at times of difficulty or struggling, not only does she determinedly stay by his side, but she can also give valuable opinions regarding the matters.

Some people might doubt how long their relationship could remain due to the age difference between Namrata and Mahesh. However, they have strongly proved to everyone that the longer it is, the more stable their love becomes. They frequently show affection and adoration towards each other on social media, sharing pictures, or mentioning the other half. Recently, on the night of Maharshi's release, our actress didn't forget to post an encouraging note to support her husband.

Mahesh Babu said his kids also watched Maharshi and shared their response in the interview. Both loved it; even Sitara burst into tears as watching some emotional scenes, while her older brother felt genuinely proud of their talented father. Taking about this latest project of the actor, it is doing fantastically at the box office, earning Rs 100 crore globally in just four days of release. Thanks to these impressive numbers, Maharshi is said to rank second in the highest opening gross list, only behind Baahubali 2 starring SS Rajamouli.


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