LKG Starring RJ Balaji Earns Highest Last Weekend With Rs 9 Crore

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 27, 2019

After Viswasam and Petta, LKG starring RJ Balaji becomes the third highest weekend opener of the year in Tamil Nadu, which is unexpected.

RJ Balaji starrer, LKG, was just launched last week but it has already made an incredible achievement. According to estimation, LKG has claimed its third position in the gross earning ranking for weekend openers in Tamil Nadu, garnering Rs 9 crore in three days, right after Viswasam and Petta. It is an unexpected result for the public because the film mainly centres around political issues, which's thought to be kind of dull. So with this impressive number, we can see that the audiences widely recognize Prabhu's amazing directorial and main actor RJ Balaji's excellent performance.


The film is estimated to earn Rs 3.09 crore lakh in two days of release, and the number rapidly increases into Rs 9 crore in total after next one day. The name of LKG is now well-known in India, even acknowledged by trade analyst Ramesh Bala. He did tweet about the surprising movie, saying it has done a amusing job despite releasing only last weekend in Tamil Nadu. He called the film a great success with a small initial budget, which was an outstanding result not many movies can achieve. Ramesh Bala highly complimented actor-writer RJ Balaji for his significant contribution, even titled him "Hero". He also informed us about RJ Balaji's current situation, "@RJ_Balaji has gone back to his roots after working non-stop. He looks happy :)”

Check out Ramesh Bala's posts here.

Besides main actors RJ Balaji, other crucial roles played by Priya Anand, Nanjil Sampath and Mayil Swamy are also impressive and satisfying. The film is said to be interested in even youngsters. There have already been rumours around the making of its sequel shortly.


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