"LKG" Movie Review: A Witty And Charming Political Satire From RJ Balaji

Bindhiya Nhi |Feb 24, 2019

RJ Balaji's LKG is not any other typical political satire movie. It has clever jokes, brilliant performances and definitely worths a try from the viewers.



Director: K.R Prabhu

Cast: RJ Balaji, Priya Anand, Mayil Swamy, JK Riteish, Nanjil Sampath

Rating: 3/5

Even if you do not have much interests in Tamil politics for the last two years, you still be able to understand the satire of the situation and have a good laugh with this movie. LKG starring RJ Balaji is a topical movie which included political sarcasm and essential questions. It just merely hits all the right spots, taking the viewers into a world of political understanding and voting power.

In the movie, RJ Balaji's role is Lalgudi Karuppaiah Gandhi or LKG. He is a smart councillor with lots of tricks to carry out any task. He could help his neighbours' children to go to an international school or even manipulate a local road contract. He has his way to earn money and get trust from the people around him. LKG is a man full of political ambitions as he wants to be the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The movie follows his journey from the beginning days when he is just a counsellor to the day he finally achieves his biggest dream.

Right from the opening scene of the movie, it is evident that LKG joins politics not for other people's interests but for his own sake. He worships Vijay Mallya and well-known political figures from other Tamil movies. He is cunning enough to benefit himself in any situation. LKG is ready to fight against another influential politician who already has his empire over three decades. Based on how LKG is more than prepared to get himself into that situation proves that there are still right and wrong in the field of politics.

LKG is all about RJ Balaji: He does an excellent job as a writer as well as an actor. He has a brilliant way to deliver witty political touches of sarcasm which takes inspiration from contemporary movies, politicians and other factors from the society. Due to his efforts, the film becomes more exciting and hilarious. The movie still has some slips here and there, but it is alright as the clever jokes make it up.


LKG shows several recent political situations and manages to balance both of the satire and the drama excellently. Moreover, actress Priya Anand has an excellent performance opposite to Balaji. Her role is a political strategist who tries to help LKG to achieve his dream. Other casts such as Nanjil Sampath, Mayil Swami and JK Riteish also play their parts well.

LKG is not just any other typical political satire movie. It is a good chance for everyone to see politics in a brand new point of view.


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