Actress-Director Kranti Redkar: "Everything Is Double From Love To Affection"

Nalini Suri |Jun 25, 2019

Famous actress-director Kranti Redkar shared about her twins and how she is keeping balance her career and personal life.

Many people are not strange with the name of actress and director Kranti Redkar notable for her roles in Marathi television and films. But lesser know how her personal life is and the way she balances it and her career.

Kranti Redkar

It is not exaggerated to say that Kranti Redkar got everything double, even her 6-month-old kids are twins. Recalling that time, the actress describes:


Kranti Redkar

Kranti has arranged to go on working, which makes her busy all day. Currently, she is making the script for her first web series:


She has begun sharing some makeup tutorials and posting on social networks as she finds it difficult to be in one place. Now her videos have got a lot of views to become popular and collected her a huge fan base. She claimed


By motherhood experience of caring twins, she said


kranti redkar

Kranti Redkar has made out her fame in both careers in lifestyle as she makes use of all aspects to connect to the audience, by her films, her acting, her videos, and her sharing as well.


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