Kathakal Paraye Song From “Stand Up” Becomes A Talking Point

Mohnish Singh |Dec 20, 2019

“Kathakal Paraye” song features in journalist-turned-filmmaker Vidhu Vincent’s film “Stand Up” which revolves around the story of a rape victim.

“Kathakal Paraye” is a song from the recently released film Stand Up, which has caught many people’s fancy. Helmed by the journalist-turned-filmmaker Vidhu Vincent, Stand Up tells the story of a rape victim and what all she goes through in the society. How her only friend Keerthi tries to mollify her emotions and how the victim survives braving all odds is what the film revolves around.

“Kathakal Paraye” song from Stand Up features well-known actress Rajisha Vijayan and tells the sad and sorrowful tale about how mental trauma the actress’s character Diya goes through after the brutal sexual assault done to her.

Rajisha Vijayan, who is quite active on social media, keeps her fans updated about her whereabouts. The actress went on to share the song on her social media handle and within no time it received rave reviews and millions of views from all her fans. The song perfectly showcases the emotions and the psyche of the rape victim. And one’s heart goes out for her after one hears the lyrics.


The music and background score definitely add to the mood of the song which makes sure one feels the pain of the victim which is bound to make your heart bleed. It perfectly showcases the angst and helplessness of the rape victim. And emotions depicted by Rajisha definitely proved that she has come long way as an actress in Mollywood and her work proves that she is here to stay.

“Kathakal Paraye” song has been sung by Sayonara Philip, while the music has been composed by Varkey and the lyrics penned by Bilu Padmini Narayanan. The film is bankrolled by Anto Joseph under the banner of Anto Joseph Film Company. Apart from Rajisha, Stand Up also features Nimisha Sajayan as the lead actress. The movie hit the marquee on December 13.


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