Kangana Ranaut Shares Her Experience Of Drug Addiction After Running Away From Home When She Was 15

Ankita Chetana |Mar 30, 2020

The actress revealed that she had met the bad people that she had thought of death. The first days in B-town were a memorable time for her.

While stimulating everyone to improve themselves during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown, Kangana Ranaut told her story about what she faced on her first days entering the film industry. On Sunday, the actress was seen in a video on Instagram by her team showing her moments of recalling back.

The Queen star started her talk by wishing everyone the best on the 5th day of Navratri. After that, she talked about self-quarantine and her bored feeling when staying at home during this time. Watch the video:

She opened her story by advising people to think positively about the quarantine period. When she was at the age of 15 or 16, she escaped from her home with the hope of becoming a star on her own. After leaving, she was actually a movie star but she also had a time of drug addiction for about 2 years.

Going further about her story, Kangana shared: "My life was so messed up, I was with certain type of people from whom only death could have saved me. All of this happened in my life only at a time when I was only a teenager."

But as per her saying, one of her friends at that brought her to the spiritual world that changed the actress's life a lot. Her friend introduced her to a Rajayoga book and advised her to practice Yoga. Since then, she considered Swami Vivekanand as her daily exercise with the friend's guidance.

Kangana Ranaut Yoga
Kangana and her trainer of yoga (Source: Instagram)

She continued to talk about how Yoga impacts on her: "I would have been lost in the crowd if those challenging times didn't come in my life. Without the spiritual guidance, I wouldn't have been able to develop my will-power, I wouldn't have been able to sharpen my intellect or groom my talent or develop my emotional health. Brahmacharya is not celibacy or just about celibacy, Brahmacharya has many good processes."

In 21 days of coronavirus lockdown, like various other celebs in the tinsel town, Kangana Ranaut also came back to her home in Manali.

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