Kangana Ranaut Vs Sena: The Government Sends Bulldozer To Demolish Her Mumbai Office, The Actor Reacts

Salena Harshini |Sep 09, 2020

BMC officials carry out demolition at Kangana Ranaut's Mumbai property today. This is how the actress reacts!

Actress Kangana Ranaut reached Mumbai today amidst her intense clash with the government of Maharashtra shortly after winning big time against the civic body BMC of the city. For those uninformed, the BMC had begun breaking the reported illegal structures at Kangana’s office.

A massive crowd gathered at the airport to see the actress, defying distancing regulation. Among that crowd was the state’s activists who rule Shiv Sena and they were seen holding black flags to protest against her.

Kangana Ranaut

A bulldozer ramming structures at her office at about the same time the actor went on a flight to Mumbai. Before she arrived at the Mumbai airport, a stop to the demolition was ordered by the Bombay High Court.

The Queen actress alleges that the government of Maharashtra is targeting her due to her fight with Shiv Sena which also has the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) under its wing.

The actress in the airport today with 11 cops

She shared her tweets,

"I am never wrong and my enemies prove again and again this is why my Mumbai is POK now #deathofdemocracy.”

The pictures of the BMC team were captioned by her as "Pakistan..." and "Babur and his army."

In her old fight with Bollywood insiders, she also made use of the term “Bullywood”,

"There is no illegal construction in my house, also government has banned any demolitions in Covid till September 30, Bullywood watch now this is what Fascism looks like."

14 “violations” at the office of Kangana Ranaut had been listed by the BMC. Those included a toilet seemingly set up in the space supposed for a kitchen and an office built in an area for a toilet.

A civic official said that the “illegal alterations at her Kangana’s Bandra bungalow would be also demolished.

The buzz has questioned why no actions were taken earlier, and if the actress had received enough notice as she had not been in Mumbai for months. The BMC was called out for the timing of this action as Ranaut had made an announcement of her return date last week.

Kangana Ranaut, given Y-Plus security by the central government, was protected by cops this morning as she was offering prayers at a Himachal Pradesh temple on her way to Chandigarh for the flight to Mumbai.

Her comeback to Mumbai is expected to be just as troublesome as her residue up with Maharashtra's decision over her dig at the Mumbai police and organization's treatment of the Sushant Singh Rajput case.

Last week, Kangana Ranaut commemted that she was afraid of living in Mumbai and Sena leaders replied that she should stay out of the town. The happening escalated when the actor remarked that "Mumbai feels like PoK" and she also repeated this today.

In a serious clap back from the Shiv Sena, an MLA said that Kangana Ranaut would be slapped at the airport. Meanwhile, female protesters also hit Kangana’s posters with slippers anf Sanjay Raut, a top leader of Sena, was also recorded on camera to be using a slur against her.


Even Uddhav Thackeray - Chief Minister also criticized Kangana Ranaut, marking that people who earned their livelihood in the city were ungrateful.

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