Indian Celebrities As Cartoon Characters: The Resemblance Is Unparalelled

Salena Harshini |Jan 15, 2020

Look at these Indian celebrities as cartoon characters and you will not be able to deny the uncanny resemblance that they share.

We all grow up watching the iconic movies and cartoons and those still keep us entertained today. Although some have grown out the watching-cartoon age, there is still that feeling of nostalgia every time coming across the favorite characters of our childhood.

To summon that nostalgic feeling and the fangirl and or fanboy in you, we have made a list addressing the oddest resemblance between your fav cartoon characters and your loved Bollywood celebrities. Just imagine the famous people as animated characters and you can’t help but crack up at the uncanny similarities.

Have a look at the Indian celebrities as cartoon characters. You won't be able to deny the uncanny resemblance they share.

1. Ranveer Singh - Flynn Rider

Ranveer Singh Flynn Rider
Indian celebrities as cartoon characters.

Let us begin the celeb – cartoon lookalike list with the top quirky actor of the industry. One would totally think that the Tangle makers have taken inspiration from Ranveer Singh to create Flynn Rider. Look at this and you will see how alike Rapunzel’s love interest and Ranveer are. Exotic enough, they also share common things in their personalities.

2. Salman Khan - He-Man

He Man Salman celebrities as cartoon characters

Talking about famous Indians who look like an animated character, the Dabangg actor just cannot be missed. Comparing his superhero look in the 1992 film Suryavanshi and the iconic meme lord He-Man, it is impossible that one can’t see how strong the resemblance is.

While He-Man finds his superhuman power and strength from Gray Skull, we are still unaware of the origin where Bhai’s undefeated power comes from.

3. Feroz Khan - Gru


Tell us this does not leave in splits and we will know it is a lie. It looks very much like the image of the notorious and hilarious criminal mastermind Gru was inspired by Feroz Khan, who is also an icon of B-town that has the ability to portray negative and positive parts with an equal finesse.

What takes the likeness to another level is Feroz Khan’s and Gru’s looks in Despicable Me and Welcome respectively.

4. Sanjay Dutt - Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester

The look of Sanjay Dutt’s part Kancha Cheena in the 2012 film Agneepath looks like the live-action adaptation The Addams Family’s Uncle Fester (1973).

The only difference between the actor’s role and the self-inflicted injury loving uncle? It is that Uncle Fester likes blowing himself up and Kancha Cheena is fond of blowing up other people.

5. Kiku Sharda - Princess Fiona


Another uncanny resemblance is discovered. Chances are the Comedy Nights with Kapil makers came up with the Palak part when they were watching Shrek. The comedic part is played by the known comedian Kiku Sharda. It is the nugget of truth that Princess Fiona and Palak look like the same person.

6. Saurabh Shukla - Don Carlton


Don Carlton is a lovely side character of Monster University and he collects a lot of aww from the viewers. Meanwhile, our fav Judge Tripathy who is depicted by actor-director Saurabh Shukla in the Jolly LLB franchise has just the similar paunches and mustaches like Don. However, the biggest likeness between the two is their constantly positive look on the outside.

7. Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan - Tom & Jerry

Srk Salman

It is obvious that the two famous actors have no physical similarity with the worldwide iconic cartoon characters Tom and Jerry. However, it is the Khans’ love-hate relationship that stands as the only and extreme redeemer of this very comparison. You can’t deny the vibe which is clearly evident here.

8. Kangana Ranaut - Merida


Kangana Ranaut and the Brave princess do not only look alike with their curly hair but also with the bold nature that never stops them from standing up for their own ideals.

If there are any other resemblances between other actors and animated characters, do let us know in the comment section.

Also, feel free to tell us which pair of cartoon characters and celebrities above that have the most similarity in your opinion!

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