Telugu B Grade Movies: 9 Bold Films You Must Not Overlook

Salena Harshini |Sep 16, 2020

These B-grade Telugu movies serve the boldest plots and although they can turn out a bit quirky, it's a waste if you don't watch them. Check out!

A B-grade film is generally seen as a low budget movie that is not pornographic or art house although it is often thought to be all about sleaze and sex. So what exactly are Telugu B grade movies? Take a look at this list to know more.

Unmissable Telugu B grade movies

Rathinirvedam (2011)

Originally released in Malayalam, the film was dubbed in Telugu under the same title and received quite good reactions.

Rathinirvedam (2011) is one of the boldest Telugu movies

Starring Sreejith and Swetha Menon, the movie is about a boy falling for an older woman. However, fate has other plans for him. Filmed in a romantic manner, Rathinirvedam is certainly among the most worth-watching Telugu B grade movies.

Ee Rojullo (2012)

Highly entertaining, the film turned out well with students and young adults.

telugu-b-grade-movies 1
The movie stars Reshma Rathore and Srinivas as the main roles

The story about a bloke who chooses to never be in love and a girl who opts to never befriend a boy takes riveting turns. It includes a lot of adult dialogues and sex jokes.

Bus Stop (2012)

Bus Stop is aimed to have college-goers as the main audience. The film, besides having sensitive scenes, focuses on the reality that is the youth’s present situation. With an underlying message, Bus Stop can be considered one of the Telugu B grade movies you should not miss.

B.A. Pass - Telugu (2015)

This neo-noir movie was a Bollywood film dubbed in Telugu. The film is the story of a young man who has to work as a male prostitute to earn money. The film is also touted as the steamiest Telugu film dubbed from Hindi.

telugu-b-grade-movies 2
This film also serves you dripping scenes

Kamasutra - Telugu (2015)

The ancient romantic movie in 1996 of Mira Nair, Kamasutra, hit the screens after the filmmaker fought for it in the 2017 Supreme Court.

telugu-b-grade-movies 3
Kamasutra is remade from a Hindi movie

After about 18 years, it was dubbed into Telugu film and although it is a dubbed film, Kamasutra is the most sultry adult film by far.

Guntur Talkies (2016)

The 2016 movie is an erotic comedy that has crime elements. Although the plot focuses on two con men, its narration is mingled with quite a lot of adult content.

telugu-b-grade-movies 4
Guntur Talkies (2016) starring Rashmi Gautam

Guntur Talkies is definitely listed in the list of the most unmissable Telugu B grade movies.

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Babu Baga Busy (2017)

Babu Baga Busy is considered a poor reboot of Bollywood film Hunterrr.

The film is about an untypical young man, a player, and a sex addict. In his early 30s, the man is only fond of having one night stands although his friends have all got married and have children.

telugu-b-grade-movies 5
Babu Baga Busy is a story about a sex addict

While it is not a totally great film, the movie still tops as a worth seeing B grade Telugu movie if you prefer adult content.

RX 100 (2018)

One more title in the list of Telugu B grade movies list that you may want to check out is RX 100.

The movie plot is created on the real story of SIVA in the Godavari rural village where a cultured and well-behaved heart-throb meeting and falls in love with the nymphomaniac daughter of a politician.

telugu-b-grade-movies 6
RX 100 (2018) is one of the hottest Telugu B grade movies

Love blossoms between them and they begin an intimate romance. However, when it’s time for them to reveal the relationship to the elders, the two is separated in an extremely shocking twist.

Although the violence in the film may be a bit off-putting, the romantic scenes still excite a lot of viewers.

Paruvu (1996)

The 1990 movie remains the top classic B grade Telugu movies and as expected, the film has many scenes that may send you drooling.

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What is a B grade movie?

Here is the quick explanation coming from the experts for those who still wonder what B grade movies actually are.

Ahluwalia, who has had 10 years to research on the ABC grade industry said,

"It's actually a meaningless term. In its original usage in 1950s America, the term specifically described a film intended for distribution as the unknown; bottom half of a double feature, often in drive-in cinemas. It doesn't mean anything in India except it is often a raunchy film without major stars, although Dharam-ji has appeared in many."

telugu-b-grade-movies 7
B grade films are present in bot only Telugu but also Hindi film industry

For those who have not known, about 100 movies are released annually and a B movie’s average budget is about 40 lakh while their DVDs have a cost of around Rs 25 to 99.

"They don't follow any rules," Ahluwalia also says that although the common notion about B grade movies is “sex and sleaze”, they actually don’t follow any rules. Some movies may come out a quite eccentric with quirky content.

B grade movies’ founding fathers are Mohan Bhakri and Vinod Talwar.

telugu-b-grade-movies 8
Some say it's not all about sexual desires, but B grade movies mostly focus on this topic

While the famous quote of Neha Dhupia “sex and SRK sell in Bollywood” holds true for A-grade movies, there is a growing parallel B industry that can easily pull off without any Khan.

All that they need is a heavy dose of “cheap thrills and erotica” to attract the desired eyeballs

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