Happy Birthday to our 'Lady Superstar Of Malayalam Cinema' - Manju Warrier

VanPTT |Sep 10, 2018

Manju Warrier, the much loved actress of Malayalam cinema, is celebrating her birthday today (September 10). The actress, who is undoubtedly one of the most talented stars that the Malayalam cinema...

Let's celebrate our "Lady Superstar of Malayalam cinema " - Manju Warrier for her special birthday in this month - September 10. This is an occasion for all her fans around the country to congratulate for her. Let review again why she deserves for this wonderful nickname.

Manju Warrier is not only beautiful but also talent who can play role in both carrying and acting her own film. Compared to many other pretty ladies in Showbiz, she stands out like a full-blown flower. She can play her lead role in her own film and also make it fabulous in every scene. Manju Warrier makes those films become a high- qualified products that everyone wants to wait for watching.

Manju Warrier Birthday Special: Heres Why She Deserves The Tag Lady Superstar Of Malayalam Cinema
Manju Warrier deserves The Tag Lady Superstar Of Malayalam Cinema with her talent and beauty.

Her films went through the storm of the film festival this year and became hero which can stay on top with many Blockbusters. All of the cinema film fans went crazy for her film like Udaharanam Sujatha, C/O Saira Banu, How Old Are You, etc., They have become a declaration of prestige and quality from her products. With her name on the board, people will have no doubt to spend their money to enjoy those movies.

In the other side, her talent is also worth talking about. With her innate talent and acting experience, she can transform into many types of roles. Some actresses cannot make the difference between their characters in each film. But Manju can do it. None of her roles carry the image of another. From Aami with the role of Madhavikutty to the movie Mohanlal, where she portrayed the role of a die-hard Mohanlal fan. You will see the totally other people with very unique emotional acting. So talented!

Manju Warrier works hard with all her power and enthusiasm, to make sure there no mistake or regret in every scene, every episode and every movie, also she has a high- standard demand with co-worker.

So this time, we wish her a really happy birthday, a new year with many lucky things comes to her life and her career. Hoping she will keep her passion for the art of the country, to contribute more and more stand our movies to the public. Hoping she will make some proud to her fans all over the country. With all the endless love for her, let us once again congratulate our in-my-heart star's birthday: Manju Warrier


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