Happy Birthday Irrfan Khan: Takes A Look Back At His 7 Blockbusters

Mina Muzumdar |Jan 07, 2019

Undoubtedly, Irrfan Khan is an undisputed talent of Bollywood who making his name from the ground. On his birthday, here are 7 blockbusters of Irrfan Khan that you should not miss out.

Irrfan Khan who made his name in Bollywood from the ground and cemented his standing in the industry over the years turned 52 today. On the special occasion, let’s take a look back at his best performance on the silver screen.

Haasil (2003)

It’s hard to imagine any actor could fit for the role of Ranvijay Singh rather than Irrfan Khan. The myriad layered emotions to play of Ranvijay Singh which required a level of maturity and evolution was perfectly portrayed by Irrfan Khan and made an unforgettable role in the actor career.


The ever-versatile actor kept the audience on the edge of their seat with his dramatic transformation from a friend to a murderer and an abductor.

Maqbool (2004)

Maqbool is an Indian remake film of Vishal Bhardwaj which was based on Gulzar and Akira Kurosawa’s book. An insider leaked that before the film start shooting, Manoj Baijpayee approached film director for several times to persuade him of a lead role. Vishal Bhardwaj, however, put his faith in Irrfan Khan, a young talent at that time.


Despite being a fledgling actor among Maqbool’s stellar cast such as PanKaj Kapur, Om Puri and Raseeruddin Shah, Irrfan Khan still made an outstanding performance in the film as a lead actor.

The Namesake (2006)

Irrfan Khan prove his versatility once again with the Namesake (2006). The film central around a Bengali man who studied at MIT and later become a professor. For the film, he vividly portrayed mannerisms and fear with a finesse of a veteran actor. When ‘Irrfan Khan onscreen’ dies, it left fans shaken with the emptiness.


Paan Singh Tomar (2012)

Due to a low budget and many problems in production, Paan Singh Tomar had to delayed release date. Even after receiving negative feedbacks from the critics, the films took two years to be screened at the cinema. However, when it finally hit the box office, Paan Singh Tomar with Irrfan Khan made a big hit.


To play the character of a steeplechase who resorts to arms to get revenge from a corrupt system, Irrfan underwent a dramatic physical transformation. In fact, he made his role so real that fans felt like they were watching Paan Singh Tomar himself.

The Lunchbox (2013)

Lunchbox is a heart-touching story in which Irrfan Khan acted a middle-age and loyal government official (Saajan Fernandez). The man felt in love with a series of lunchbox which each contained a letter. His effortless performance make a film to remember.

Talvar (2015)


Talvar is another successful film of Irrfan Khan. His character was a candid CBI officer who took the responsibility of a controversial case. He then investigated the case from the scratch but job caused him personal turmoil. Notably, the Bollywood actor succeeded in making people immerse in the film and identify with the character of Talvar. Talvar definitely is a film that moviegoer should not miss out.

Hindi Medium (2017)

Hindi Medium is an apology for an outdated education system in India. The film tells a story of Raj (Irrfan Khan) and Mira Batra (Saba Qamar), who comes from middle class in Chandi Chowk but has difficulty in falling in line with Delhi’s life. Hence, they expected their daughter would not face the same issue by giving her the best education.


However, even they could afford to send their daughter to school, but the parents is also required to have a strong educational background. Therefore, their daughter was rejected from several schools, and they had to think of a possible solution to secure their child’s education.

After Hindi Medium, Irrfan Khan made another iconic role for himself and marked his career with another memorable role.


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