"After A Point, Fame And Money Becomes Inconsequential", Says Kajol

Imran Asif Fazal |Mar 08, 2020

Kajol feels that money and fame does not stay for a long time with a person.

Actress Kajol recently made her digital debut with a short film Devi. The short film revolves around the life of rape victims and sorry state of affairs in judicial system of India. Kajol has proved her mettle to brilliantly show her skills in several Bollywood movies. In a recent interview, Kajol revealed that at this stage of her career the role and impact of the characters more than length of the role. She has spent three decade in the mainstream film industry.

Kajol In Saree
Kajol wants to choose films which are thought provoking.

During the interview, she was asked if she goes through the scripts like she did before, Kajol said that she just wants three scenes in the entire film. But those scenes should be powerful and must leave an impression amongst the audience. She does films which has a character with an emotional graph to it. She believes in creating a memory in the mind of her audience through the characters that she portrays. She chooses scripts which leaves an impact on her.

When asked if the success gives her a confidence to choose roles. Kajol says that success does gives confidence and financial independence also gives her a chance to live a life on her own terms. But the actress feels that money and fame is not success for her. She also says that, "After a point, fame and money becomes inconsequential." Kajol feels successful not because of money and fame but because of the individual she is right now. She combines her success with her kids, her husband and films she does.

However, the actress believes in choosing her films which reflects her belief and personality. For being honest and a performing artist, she chooses roles which keeps her honest while performing the character. She is feels that money is not the only purpose she is acting. She has gained financial freedom and earned money during 90s. But now she wants to utilize her skills with though provoking narratives.

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