5 Weddings Director Namrata Singh Gujral: Everything Goes Far Beyond My Personal Expectation

Author |Oct 25, 2018

Recently, Namrata Singh Gujral has shared her experience in the shooting process of 5 Weddings, starring Nargis Fakhri and Rajkummar Rao.

Recently, Namrata Singh Gujral has shared her experience in the shooting process of her upcoming project 5 Weddings, starring Nargis Fakhri and Rajkummar Rao. She is one of the rare female directors standing out in Bollywood where nearly 100% of the crew and directors are male.

The director proudly shared her feelings when being called "female director". "It's two meaningful, beautiful and powerful words.", she said. It's the official recognization for female roles and rights in Indian society where they have suffered from injustice a very long time. From then on, the Indian women will have more chance to gain higher status in both working and living.

Though being a female director means that Namrata has to undertake the same amount of work as the male ones, the director happily showed her pride in being a small part of the female workforce all over the world.

Speaking about her advantages of being a female director in 5 Weddings, Namrata said: "One of my biggest advantages is that I have a completely different standpoint with my male colleagues. The way I exploit the storyline and characters is totally different from what they did. I have my own way. Thanks to the sensitivity of a woman, I sympathize with any kind of character. Though they are men or women, straight or gay, transgender or bisexual, I treat them as fairly as possible."

Moreover, the director confirmed that she was very open about the issues of sexuality and showing women’s bodies' beauty. She won't let her actress wear like Hoochie Mamas throughout the movie but she'll try to convey the truest beauty of women.

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Besides, the director shared that both the two lead roles Nargis and Rajkummar have impressed her a lot. "Nargis has a prominent performance in the shooting process. Now, she's become my best friend. In my next sci-fi project named STILL, I would like to invite Nargis to play one of the main roles.", says Namrata. Also, she claimed that Raj is a promising actor and his casting career will go much further.

"I have done what I should do. Everything goes far beyond my personal expectation since we have completed a movie with a very modest budget. I do hope that my audience can understand what I want to convey and enjoy the funny and cute journey I created.", Namrata said.

5 Weddings will on the screen on October 26. The critics predicted that it will hit the box office of nearly 52 countries around the globe.


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