Yatendra Meghwal Music Company Promoting Young Rappers Of India

Vaishnavi Gavankar |May 11, 2019

"I would love to promote young Rappers of India by giving them belief and support for their talent", Said the young entrepreneur.

Yatendra Meghwal is known as the young entrepreneur of India. He has started his journey at his teenage, and his inspirational personality gaining success day by day.

Yatendra Meghwal is the founder of Artist Mine Music company which provides a platform for young talented rising singers. The company is famous for its Rap Music Composition.

Yatendra Meghwal
Yatendra Meghwal

Yatendra Meghwal said to the leading entertainment portal, "Youngsters of India don't get that much of chance in India as many say that the Rap form doesn't belong to India. Young and future Rappers of India are now focusing on the Rapping and Popping. The youth of India is getting involved in the Rapping as we see too".

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Yatendra Meghwal's Music Company "Artist Mine Music"

The entrepreneur started promoting young rappers of India by giving them the opportunity with his Artist Mine Music Company. The company has already launched a few good albums and much more new to projects to come.

"Many of them have built up their career and getting huge success and appreciation from people. Rapping is going to stay in India for long as India needs a new trend in the music industry like western countries to have from many years", he added.

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Yatendra Meghwal

Yatendra is born and brought up in a middle-class family. His father is an engineer and mother is a housewife. He left his studies in the 11 Th standard and started working on his dream project. He struggled for five years to achieve his goals and objectives. After struggling he received an offer for a live concert and this was a turning point of his life.

"My dream is to take the Artist Mine Music at a bigger level where the whole world can recognize the power of Indian rappers. I want to make this company one of the biggest music organization in near future, which will promote not only musicians, singers but it will promote young rappers by giving them belief and support", Yatendra Meghwal explained.


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