Train Song From Gully Boy Released, Captivating Public's Attention

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 25, 2019

The Train Song, which can be seen as a part of the ending credits from Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt’s Gully Boy, is released. Check it out now.

Gully Boy, the rewarded blockbuster starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles, has been on theatre for only over ten days, since Valentine's Day 14 February. It has grossed such a fantastic amount of earning, over Rs 171 lakh, proving its tremendous success. A week after that release, the production team decides to reveal a music video of the Train Song from the film. Performed by Raghu Dixit and Karsh Kale, the song seems like a victory celebration thanks to its vigorous beats and happy lyrics. Regarding video's scenes, it combines several beautiful and romantic scene from Gully Boy, Murad and Safeena's effective yet passionate study sessions in the train or their kisses at the train station which moves the hearts of all audience.

Train Song Gully Boy
The Train Song's music video is set in the background of a railway station.

In the video, Murad is the main character when corners of his life before and after winning the rap contest with prize money of Rs 10 lakh are vividly depicted. They range from close friendship to his intimate relationship with girlfriend Safeena. It shares a glimpse of Murad's merrily enjoying time besides friends, practising rapping with Kalki Koechlin and Siddhant Chaturvedi, learning how to steal cars with Moeen during his hard time, etc. There is also a glimpse of Safeena's appearance, especially their affectionate kiss at the first minute of the music video.

Train Song Gully Boy 2

The Train Song vividly depicts Murad's life from hanging out with friends...

Train Song Gully Boy 4

... to sharing intimate love with girlfriend Safeena.

Receiving high compliments and big love from both audience and critics, Gully Boy is regarded as a Bollywood big hit at the beginning of 2019. Thanks to that achievement, issues around the movie, such as actors, actresses, also attract huge attention. Besides Ranveer and Alia's satisfying on-screen performances, others like Siddhant, Vijay Varma and Amruta Prakash are appreciated too. Even this Train Song's release has captivated the public, hitting the headlines for the past few days.

Watch the Train Song music video here.


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