Popular Australian DJ Adam Sky Found Dead In Bali While Trying To Save His Friend

Laavanya Hien |May 08, 2019

Adam Sky a top Australian DJ died in a shocking accident while he made his attempt to help a friend falling from a private villa in Bali.

Adam Sky, a top Australian DJ, died in an accident while he made his attempt to rescue a female friend in Bali. To be more particular, the woman had fallen from the private villa in a resort island in Indonesia, confirmed by authorities on Monday and the DJ - Adam Neat is his real name - smashed through the glass door, then he suffered a severe blood loss from his injuries, leading to death. Moreover, it is also reported by Indonesian media that his blood loss resulted from how his arm’s major artery.

Adam Sky
DJ Adam Sky. Photo: adelaidenow.com.au

It’s said that despite falling from the private terrace several meters and experiencing broken bones, the female friend survived and she was immediately taken to a hospital.

As regards Adam Sky, his death is still being investigated by Bali police.

A statement on the 900,000-follower Facebook page of Neat officially confirmed the death of this Singapore-based DJ on Sunday. It read:



Adam Sky was a well-known Australian DJ whose talent was internationally recognized, and he has also supported other famous artists such as The Scissor Sisters, David Guetta, and Fatboy Slim.

As stated, Neat was initially a Singapore-based DJ, and he was portrayed as the “rising Aussie superstar DJ” acknowledged by JUICE Magazine Asia.


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