Here Is The Reason Why Taylor Swift Always Wants To Keep Her Relationship With Joe Alwyn In Secret  

Priyansh Ha |Mar 21, 2019

Once you know the reason why they are so secretive about the relationship, you will wish they will keep it themselves forever.

Have been dating since 2016, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn always keep mum about their romance. It was not until the last award season that they two were spotted together frequently. It’s so different from other relationships she had if you know the reason why you will wish them to keep it private forever!


According to a source, staying private is the main reason which makes them stay happy. It helps their relationship healthier and gives them spaces to see each other in peace.

Even when none of them has confirmed about a wedding or engagement yet, no one will be surprised if Joe pops the question. Earlier this month, he told a source that he was waiting for the perfect time which is special and unforgettable.  

Joe Is Taylor's Dream Guy

Taylor’s friends are much awaiting for the upcoming proposal as everyone knows Joe is her dream guy. “Taylor really got lucky to meet Joe, and she is the first one to say it,” an insider said. “Joe really is one of a kind.”

They're Keeping Their Relationship "Easy And Strong"

Another cute update on the most concerned relationship in the world is that their personalities are said to be “very compatible.” Both of them treats each other with sweetness and respect. The source said that Joe is a real gentleman who is very attentive. He’s shuttering between U.K. and U.S. so they can see each other frequently. They’re really in an “easy and strong” relationship.

Photo Credit: Elle

In an interview earlier this year, Joe said that he found it normal to keep their relationship private. He also thought that it's unnecessary to share their personal things with others.


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