The Love Ballad "Tera Ban Jaunga" Will Get You Hype For "Kabir Singh"

Ariana Linh |Jun 19, 2019

Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga's upcoming film Kabir Singh has just released a music video to promote the movie. If you weren't hyped before by the all-star cast, this love ballad would surely tuck at your heartstring.

Kabir Poster
A comparison of the original poster and the remake's

In a recent interview with Mid-Day, Shahid revealed a little bit about the film. The actor said Kabir Singh will try and keep the spirit of the original, but would still add a little twist to the character and his story, including Kabir's family and upbringing.

Kabir Shahid
Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Singh, a surgeon who's going through heartbreak.

Additionally, Kiara also gave some tidbits on the film. When being asked what she thinks of Kabir, she said Kabir is overprotective, but not to the point of being obsessive. That is why their love is so passionate, intense and innocent, the actress concluded.

Kabir Kiara
A passionate kiss between the main characters, Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Singh and Kiara Advani as his beloved Preeti.


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